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Make Up For Ever Pro Finish has replaced foundation in my daily routine. It is much easier to put on while I am on the go. Sometimes for more coverage, I layer a sheer foundation under the Pro Finish, but it really is not necessary.

The product can be applied wet or dry. When applied wet, it delivers a sheer, satin coverage; when applied dry it offers full, matter coverage. This is unlike most wet/dry formulas that I have tried which when applied wet give “full,” chalky coverage and when dry gives less coverage. I have a small spray bottle of water in my makeup kit that I use to wet the compact applicator. When wet, the finish was very light, but since I need more coverage than most, I mainly used the compact dry.


My favorite part of Pro Finish is that it stayed on while I was in the water while shooting my pregnancy announcement video. Anyone that has ever tried to wear makeup to the beach, let alone in the water, knows that most makeup does not hold up in the ocean. Pro Finish did! I was beyond impressed!


I have been looking at ingredients more than ever now that I am pregnant (16 weeks pregnant here). Pro Finish by Make Up For Ever is mineral-free, oil-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. Make Up For Ever has been working on this formula for quite some time (6 years). The Pro Finish boasts a patented vegetal lecithin coating that makes pigments look more natural on the skin, and it also boosts long-wearability and water resistance. The water resistance explains how the product held up during my very wet video shoot. It also helps when you perspire as it does not disappear on oily skin like most face makeup.


I already have a love for Make Up For Ever and this new Pro Finish compact foundation did not disappoint! In fact, I think this compact will be a staple in my makeup bag for years to come.

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