Makeup Looks for Allergy Sufferers

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

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When allergies start bothering me, I have a makeup routine that is specifically crafted for combating ALLERGY FACE®. My eyes get watery & itchy, my nose gets red & runny, my ears, throat and chest gets itchy.


I have been living with allergies for my entire life and have worked hard to live a normal life so that it does not limit me. Most of my acne is not actually caused by a reaction to allergens and scratching my face when it is itchy.  I loved getting beauty advice on ALLERGY FACE® from celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg (@JamieMakeup on Twitter) She gives advice on how to combat challenges like watery eyes, a red nose and a puffy face. You can find the tips here.

Here is my ALLERGY FACE® routine:

First, I try to take a ZYRTEC® at the first signs of itchiness. I keep a few individually packaged ZYRTEC® pills in my bag just in case I need one while I am on the go. ZYRTEC® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. It is fabulous!

Usually, I will have to redo my makeup if I have a sudden allergy, but if I know I will be suffering or have been suffering for days, I have a makeup routine that starts with Moisturizer. Then, I dab Pete Thomas Roth Instant Firm Eye which diminishes under eye puffiness. I use a pin size amount and allow to dry for 3 to 7 minutes. Then, I use a hydrating Eye Cream which prepares under the eye for seamless concealer application. I wait to apply concealer to give the cream to sink in.

Next, I curl my lashes for a 10 second on each eye. Then, I apply neutral eye shadow. I like the the Bobbi Brown shadows for everyday looks. I am wearing Bone all over the eye and Cement on the lid. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, recommends using waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I uses a brown waterproof eyeliner and finished with a black waterproof mascara.

Zyrtec Allergy Face Makeup Look_-2

Next, I use Pack Your Bags Organic Cream Concealer by Luka Cosmetics to conceal under my eyes. Then, I use 2 different color of foundation to contour my face so that you do not focus on my nose of any other red areas. I use the lighter foundation on mid-forehead, the bridge of the nose, nose lines, cupid’s bow, under the hallows of the cheeks, and in the middle of the chin. Use the darker foundation on the top of the forehead, the temples, each side of the outer nose, hallows of the cheeks, jawline, and under the chin. Use different brushes to apply each color and a third brush to blend in the colors.

Zyrtec Allergy Face Makeup Look_

I use bronzer in the areas that I used the darker foundation. I like the NYX Bronzer that does not have shimmer in it. This helps neutralize redness. This is also one of the tips from celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

I apply pink blush to apples of my cheeks only and finish my face with a HD Pressed Powder from MAKE UP FOR EVER. This softens the appearance of redness, fine lines and pores.

Zyrtec Allergy Face Makeup Look_-3

I always use a bold lip to draw attention to my mouth rather than my puffiness and redness. If you use bright color lip, make sure to line your lips so the color does not bleed.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

Have you used any of these methods to look better as you combat allergy symptoms?

Do you have any makeup tips to help allergy sufferers?

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17 thoughts on “Makeup Looks for Allergy Sufferers”

  1. I don’t suffer from allergies too much but my cousin does. She can’t wear a lot of make up because she is allergic to so much. I am going to share this post with her.

  2. What a great look for allergy season! I use waterproof mascara during allergy season or my makeup runs off in seconds.

  3. I’m going to have to pick some of that up, my face is blotchy, my seasonal allergies are terrible! Also – looking good!!

  4. I have really bad allergies and have gotten to the point of not being able to wear almost any eye make-up as a result. Your pictures are beautiful!

  5. I also suffer from allergies, so these tips are beyond helpful. I love hearing about how other people do things, I’ll have to check out your recommendations for products too! You look flawless! 😉

  6. Thank you for the Tips. I suffer from allergies too and the itchiness makes you want to scratch your face off. I loved how you went step by step. I need to get a few of these items.


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