Manicure Monday – Bonnie by Luxe Lacquers & Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann

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Manicure Monday – Bonnie by Luxe Lacquers & Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann

Manicure Monday is back and I promise to be better about posting my nail creations. I recently discovered Luxe Lacquers nail polish subscription service.

The brand is environmentally and socially conscious. All polished are cruelty free and a portion of the revenue from a subscription is donated to the Malala fund- an organization dedicated to educating and empowering adolescent girls in developing countries around the world.By becoming a member of Luxe Lacquers you not only get to enjoy great lacquers delivered to your door each month, you also help young women around the world realize their full potential.

The nail polishes are very vibrant and only 1 to 2 coats are necessary. Here I am wearing Bonnie by Luxe Lacquers. It is a beautiful cornsilk blue in a jelly formula, opaque in 2 coats with a high shine finish. You can buy polishes individually when they are in stock here.

The glitter polish that I layered over Bonnie by Luxe Lacquers is Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippman.


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1 thought on “Manicure Monday – Bonnie by Luxe Lacquers & Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann”

  1. I Absolutely Love this Nail Look, these Colors Look like they were Made for Each Other! I am Always Drawn to Anything Colorful & Anything Sparkly, So What’s Better than Rainbow Glitter? I Don’t Think I Have Ever Used any Deborah Lippmann Nail Products, which is Funny Because She Makes Some of My Absolute Favorite Nail Polishes! I Mainly Wear Dollar Store Nail Polish These Days & I Definitely Can Not Afford a Subscription Box but it’s So Nice to See All the Cool Stuff in Your Boxes & I am Happy you are Enjoying Them! I am an Esthetician but I am Off Work for a While b/c I Was in a Motorcycle Wreck and I Got Hurt Pretty Bad! I Never Had Much Pain before the Accident but Know I am in Constant Pain so I Had to Move Back in With My Parents! They are Great & I Don’t Know What I Would Do Without Them! They are Paying There Bills & My Bills, Plus My Medical Bills Since I am Uninsured and They Work So Hard that I Can’t Bare Asking Them for Money For Anything Else! I Have Everything I Need; I Have a Roof Over My Head, Enough to Eat, I Have My Family, My Pets, & God! I am Just Happy to be Alive and One Day I am Sure I Will Be Able to Have All the Nice Things and Beauty Products Again but Until Then I am Just Content Watching Other People Opening Their Subscription Boxes & Sharing All the Amazing Photos! Thanks for Keeping Me in the Know in the Beauty World! Have a Blessed Day! Jana


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