Baby Shower Gift Idea – Sharpie DIY Reusable Shopping Bag

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I was standing in line at Michael’s this week and was trying to think of a Sharpie DIY project to make, and the nice reusable shopping bags were right in front on me begging to be made special. These reusable shopping bags are the perfect baby shower gift idea. You can fill your personalized gift bags with all kinds of goodies for the new baby. Skip the diaper cake and fill the bag with items that the new mom will need during her first days home.


Gift Ideas for the Baby Shower Gift Bag:
Teething Toys
Noise Machine
Plush Toys
Hair Brush and Comb Set

What to include in baby shower gift bag

You can also try making a theme gift bag like protection: 
Car Window Sunshade
Car Seat Sun Cover
Wall Plug Covers
Edge and Corner Guards
First Aid and Grooming Kit


Tools & Supplies
8 x 10 White Paper (at least one sheet)
Black Sharpie
Paint Tape (or any kind that does not stay stuck on for long)
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea-13 Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea-10 Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea-11 Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea-8

1. Pick out the font you like from your computer or find a free font online to download. I used ITC Anna Std that I downloaded here.
2. Enlarge the name and print in landscape on white 8 x 10 paper.
3. Flip your printed paper over so that the back of the paper is facing up. Take a pencil, and using a dark line, trace over the image, transferring it to the back of the paper.
4. Using a ruler, tape the paper with pencil markings facing down where you want the name.

Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea-16

Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea-17
5. Next, take your pencil and trace back over the image on the front of the paper. As you trace, the pencil marks that you traced onto the back of the image will transfer onto the canvas, leaving you with perfect lettering.
6. Once the entire image is traced, and you pull the paper off, go back in and fill in any spaces that did not transfer well with your pencil. You do not need to use a dark line here, just dark enough so you can see it.
7. Now you can fill simply fill in your lines with a black sharpie. Start by tracing the letters with a thin sharpie and fill in with a larger angled tip. This can be down with the angled tip sharpie alone, but you will get a better result with different points. PRO TIP: To avoid smudging, if you are right handed go from left to right and if you are left handed go from right to left. Also, after outlining let the sharpies dry for a few minutes before filling in the letters.
8. Clean up any mistakes with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

What do you think of the Baby Shower Gift Idea? Can you think of other uses for it? Feel free to link or insert pictures of your DIYs below.

Thanks for reading! XOXO, April


Sharing is caring!

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  1. I once thought to give a gift that’s really cool and handmade. This reusable shopping bag is so awesome and unique too. My friend loves to collect shopping bags and since I already made some of the things that I will give to her, I think I’ll make this too and I’ll put my gifts there. It will be a very nice idea. What do you think?


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