Marble DIY Table Top Tiered Server

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A few weeks ago, Gorilla Glue approached me to create a DIY with their newest clear glue that just came out. I’ve had this Marble DIY Table Top Tiered Server idea in my head for a while now and I just haven’t had the right tools to make it happen. After getting the details on the newest glue from Gorilla Glue, I knew that this stuff was up the challenge because it is clear and can adhere wood to marble. Clear Gorilla Glue doesn’t foam or expand as it cures, making it great for this Marble DIY Table Top Tiered Server project.

Marble DIY Table Top Tiered Server

Tools & Supplies 

2 Large Marble Tiles

4 Rails Spindles


Clear Gorilla Glue®

Wet Paper Towel



Start by choosing the height of your tiered tray. I cut my rail spindles 13 1/2 inches, but you can cut yours shorter or longer. I glued 4 full spindles to a marble tile and am using it as a table now. The tiered server that I have been wanting is only 10 inches high.  It is up to you how tall you want it to be. 13 1/2 is how tall my spindles are and it works for a party bar and party server. Make sure to use all the safety equipment when using a saw.

Wipe down the surface of the marble and the spindles with a lightly moistened paper towel. Let the marble and the spindle dry.

Place the 1st marble small facing up on top of something to protect your counter or floor.

Add a small amount of the Clear Gorilla Glue on the spindle and place the corner of the marble tile. Do this with the other 3 spindles in the other 3 corners.   Place the other marble slab on top of the spindles to use as a weight to help the Clear Gorilla Glue set in place. Let this sit for 24 hours like this.   Put a small amount glue on the other side of the spindle. Do this with the other 3 spindles in the other 3 corners. Place the second marble piece on top with shiny part facing up. Let this sit for 24 hours.

You can use this Marble DIY Table Top Tiered Server to serve food or drinks indoors or by the pool. Make sure to carry the server by the bottom marble rather than the top just to be safe. I am sure it would be fine, but I like to do it this way in the abundance of caution.   I am very excited to be sharing Clear Gorilla Glue® with you and the possibilities that come with such a strong glue that dries clear. You can get the Clear Gorilla Glue here:

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