How to Wash Kid’s Costumes

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To me, dress up is a past time that I have always enjoyed. Some of my earliest memories were of digging through my mom’s old dresses and pretending to be all kinds of different characters. I still love dressing up for Halloween and for any reason…just give me a reason and I will do it! I always knew this play time benefited me, but I could not tell you exactly how and why. These days with all the stem toys and talking toys, you can easily forget about Dress Up play. I am excited that dress up is part of my daughter’s play time every day. She love wearing kid’s costumes everyday. Of course, she eventually gets these costumes dirty! Today I am discussing how to wash kid’s costumes.

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but kids costumes can be put in the wash if you just follow a few key step to protect them.

Spot Clean

First, spot clean the costume where there are any stains. Scrub out the stain and let them sit for a bit if it does not come out right away.

Remove All Electrical Parts

Next, flip the costume inside out and take of any electrical parts. Some of my daughter’s costumes have light up parts. It is important to check for that before you launder.

Put each costume in a protective lingerie bag so that it does not snag.

Washing Machine

Place the Tide PODS Plus Downy in the bottom of your washing machine. I always use cold water that way I know I’m doing my part to be environmentally conscious (and preserving the life of your clothes). The 4 in 1 technology: detergent, stain remover, brightener, Downy Fabric Protect helps protects clothes (and precious costumes) from damage in the wash. They dissolve in all temperatures and works with HE and standard washing machines! You will fall in love with the Tide PODS Plus Downy. PS Make sure to keep them out of reach of Children. 

Drying Costumes

Do not put the costumes in the dryer unless they expressly say you can on the tags. Most cannot be dried. I hang up my daughter’s costumes and steam them if needed. You can avoid steaming if you smooth them out on a flat surface before you hang them to dry.

Enjoy dress up with your kids and I hope this takes the stress out of washing their costumes! Thanks!!


Sharing is caring!

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