Marrakech Accessory Trend

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Marrakech Accessory Trend

I have been dying to travel to Marrakech, Morocco for years! Lately, I have been traveling only traveling on my side of “the pond” to places like the Mexico and Boston. At the moment traveling overseas just is not in our budget. After all, we just had a baby. I hope to be exploring the world again very soon. Until then, I diving head first into the Marrakech Accessory Trend. I might not get to wear them in Morocco, but I will feel like I am there this summer.Marrakech Accessory Trend .jpg



The Marrakech shoes go from high heels to flats so whatever you are in the mood for you can have it! I found these pieces on Gilt and am on the waiting list for the pair above. What do you think?


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The Marrakech jewelry has a ton of red, turquoise and blue. I love all these pieces so much! I found a deal on where  you can save even more money on Gilt. Yay Savings!  You can wear the accessories with a Moroccan look or just add a Marrakech spice to a typical outfit in your wardrobe like a LBD or pencil skirt and button down in the evening.


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If you are not into the shoes or accessories, you can bring a little Morocco to you cell phone case!

300x400 (12)300x400 (10)The Marrakech bags go from extra spicy to classic.

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