Matte Stainless Steel Appliances

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I have been on the hunt for stylish appliances for the past few years. LG finally answered with Matte Stainless Steel appliances. The LG’s exclusive Matte Black stainless steel combines the timeless look of stainless steel with a luxe & low-gloss matte finish that compliments any kitchen décor.


These LG smart kitchen appliances are wi-fi and voice-enabled, allowing you to control your kitchen appliances remotely. You can change settings and checking the status, or turning the appliances on or off. These smart appliances make life easier.

Add effortless sophistication to any kitchen with a smooth, versatile finish that brings out the best in any design. LG offers a full suite of matte black appliances to help kickstart your style with a new finish.

The sophisticated, smooth matte black finish is the perfect complement to just about any color or kitchen style, including modern, traditional, contemporary and more.


Modern sophistication meets everyday functionality with a satin PrintProof finish on matte that hides fingerprints and smudges.


LG Matte Black Refridgerator

Push the boundaries of your kitchen style with LG matte black refrigerators. Enjoy the innovation and convenience of LG, with an exclusive new look that will turn heads.

LG Door-in-Door®

LG matte black refrigerators do more than just look great—they provide ample storage for all of your family’s favorite foods.

LG Matte Ranges

LG matte black ranges put a new twist on a classic, elevating the decor in any kitchen with a functional, PrintProof finish.

Intuitive SmoothTouch glass controls provide a seamless look, and the smooth surface easily wipes clean after use. Now that’s a good look.

LG Matter Dishwashers

LG matte black dishwashers give cleaning an upscale look, combining the timelessness of stainless steel with a low-gloss matte finish.

Designed with four spray arms that rotate back and forth, LG QuadWash cleans from multiple angles so you get dishes clean the first time.

LG Microwaves

LG matte black over-the-range microwaves make even heating up leftovers look stylish with a luxe finish and understated elegance.

Spills, spatters and stains are no problem with LG’s EasyClean® interior. Simply wipe with a damp cloth—no chemicals or scrubbing needed.

Save up to $350 on LG kitchen appliances HERE.

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