Mom Confession + Teething Tips for Toddlers

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My parents always told me that on the third day after coming home from the hospital as a newborn, I slept through the night and only gave them trouble when I was teething. I can completely understand the pain that comes with teething because there is nothing worse than tooth pain to me.


My daughter uses her teething pain as an excuse to stay up late and watch her favorite TV shows. So, I started telling her that the cartoon characters go to bed at 6:30 p.m. This is my mom confession.


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I have put together a few teething tips to help soothe your babies’ pain while they’re teething.

Freeze Cantaloupe

Freeze 1 1/2 inch chunks of cantaloupe. For younger children, you can put the chunks in a mesh feeder. It is an excellent way to soothe the pain of teething by giving your baby something sweet and healthy to eat. My daughter got a taste for cantaloupe early and has continued to love it as much as I do.  

Rub the Baby’s Gums

Wash your hands and rub your child’s teeth to soothe the pain. You can even give the baby a clean finger to gnaw on. Make sure to skip the nail polish and perfumed soaps if you plan to use this method.

Use a Clean Frozen Washcloth

Use bottled or filtered water to dampen a washcloth and freeze it. Use this frozen washcloth to let your child chew on when the pain is bad.

Stock up on Teething Toys

Teething toys that go in the freezer can be a great way to sooth a baby’s aching teeth.

Wear a Teething Necklace

Wear a teething necklace that the baby can chew on while you are holding them. It is a pretty great concept, and there are tons of different options for moms that want to match their outfits.

Get Medication

When the pain is exceptionally bad, I use Infants’ Advil®. It is extremely helpful in alleviating our little one’s teething symptoms!

Use a Silver Rattle

The old-school silver rattles that can even come with a fantastic engraving are meant specifically for this purpose. Allow your child to gnaw on this self-sanitizing work of art. Silver spoons can also work.

Give Them Popsicles

Make or buy popsicles that your baby will love. If you aren’t into the store-bought variety with lots of sugar, you can make these teething pops that I made for my daughter when she first started teething.

Utilize Pacifiers

My daughter used a pacifier. It works great for teething, but I would only recommend it if you are willing to take it away when the teething is over.


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