Mommy and Me Matching Face Masks

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My daughter and I absolutely love matching mommy and me outfits. Now that everyone is wearing masks, we love wearing mommy and me matching face masks too.

Mother and daughter Matching Masks

We have been getting out of the house lately with a little shopping and going to the park when no one is there.

The CDC just came out to say that wearing a mask not only protects others, but it also protects the wearer. Here is more information on mask wearing.

They recommend cotton or cotton blended masks that are easy to breathe through with 2 to 3 layers and no gaps in the masks.

I have started making super cute mommy and me mask that we use everyday. There are ton of cute prints and all the pattern are available with matching mommy and me headbands and scrunchies.

These can be worn to express individuality and share some bonding time with your children. My daughter loves to dress like mommy. Every new item I bring home, she wants one of her own.

These face masks are non-medical face masks. We are not making medical or health claims. When selecting a mask, consult official guidance to make the right choice for you. 

Buffalo Print Matching Face Mask

During the holidays and winter season, these buffalo print masks are the ideal choice for matching mommy and me.

The mommy and me face masks have double layer with the option of adding a filter pocket.

The child masks are available in small and large sizes. My daughter is 7 years old and wears the child’s large. The elastic that I use is extremely soft and stretchy. It makes adjustable straps unnecessary.

I am considering adding an add on option of adjustable elastic straps around the ear loops with a bead.

These face coverings are reusable washable and fitted without a nose piece.

Get the Buffalo Print Mask here.

Mommy and me face masks

Strawberry Print Adults and Kids Face Masks

We find our fabric all over the internet and in stores. This amazing water color strawberry fabric is so unique and fun that we had to have it.

It is from Spoonflower where the fabric designers post their amazing creations everyday. I love this designer and will definitely be buying more prints.

Every print has amazing watercolor design and rainbows. It is like a watercolor dream! You can check out their website here.

Get the Strawberry Print Masks here.

Leopard Matching Masks

Leopard Mother Daughter Face Masks

Animal print is extremely stylish at any age. These leopard print masks are my favorite to wear during the fall and winter season as they match so much.

Get the animal print masks here.

Organic Cotton face masks

Organic Cotton Face Masks

These amazing macaron printed masks are made of organic cotton. We absolutely love macarons in our house and this print was calling my name.

Get the Macaron Print Masks here.

Blue and white mother and daughter face mask

Mother Daughter Matching Face Masks

These masks are made with slightly thicker material, but are still easy to breathe through. They are a limited run because it is a fabric I’ve had for a while that was left over from a project. I can probably make 20 masks and/or 20 headband out of it.

I do love this print so much and have been hunting for something similar to this vintage pattern.

The blue and white pattern looks super cute with jeans and a white shirt or sweater.

Blue and white family masks here.

Palm Tree Print Kids and Adult Face Masks

This palm tree print is perfect for matching Lilly Pulitzer prints with green in them. I love mixing prints especially super fun prints like those from Emery and Lilly.

I know that some people sell Lilly Pulitzer knock off prints and I am just not down with stealing art from people. Lilly Pulitzers sells masks and headbands that you can get from them. They are super cute and reasonably priced.

We want to support awesome artists without the need for copying or infringing on copyrights.

Get the Palm Tree Print Mask here.


family matching masks

Bee Print Face Masks

These super cute bee print masks are very subtle and stylish. They go with everything and look great for the entire family. Mom, Dad, Son, and daughter.

Get the Bee Print Masks here.

nebula mommy and me family masks

Space Family Matching Face Masks

We love space in our house and these space themed masks are the perfect mix of colors to match fall outfits of blue, burgundy, purple and more.

The print is just so lovely and extremely soft fabric that makes the masks a delight to wear.

Get the Nebula Mask here.

Tie Dye Face Masks


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