Five Ways a Mother Can Find Time for Herself

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If you are a mother or even a father, you have so many responsibilities when it comes to taking care of your family and ensuring their needs are met.

You love your family and want to do things for them, including making lunches, making dinner, and doing laundry to name a few.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes this can become overwhelming and sometimes you just want time for yourself where you can just check your stocks for instance, including your NASDAQ:AAPL stocks

Continue reading below to learn more about how you can give time to yourself and still be there for your family.

Decorate Your Home

If you have a certain eye for creativity or for art, you can take some time for yourself by redoing certain rooms of your home or by redecorating certain rooms.

This is still a way that you can be there for your family as well, as you are making your home truly a happier place to live by redecorating, plus it is fun to do!

Consider replacing the fixtures on your cabinets or painting the walls in a certain room of your home, for instance. You could even create a new headboard, new shelving, or even a new backsplash out of brick for your kitchen or bathroom space!

Meet Other Parents

If you want time with other adults, especially if you are an extrovert, make an effort to arrange playdates. If you do not want the children to be there, hire a sitter who can watch both your and the other parents’ children who you can trust.

Go to a coffee shop, take a drive around the town, or do something as simple as meeting at a restaurant for lunch. You will get free time with one another when you are both in need of a break, and you can vent to one another about the daily struggles.

Wake Up Early

If you have children who are okay with sleeping late in the mornings, consider waking up a little bit earlier. Take that time, even if it is just half an hour, to do something that you enjoy and not think about taking care of anyone else.

Read a book, do an exercise, or even go for a short walk on your street if you feel safe to do so. You could even take the time to call a friend or to start a craft that you have been thinking about for a long time.

Start a Garden

You should create an outdoor oasis for yourself if you are looking for a space you can truly escape to and unwind. You may even find a new hobby for yourself in gardening when you begin creating this outdoor space.

You can allow your children to play in the yard while you take care of your plants, plus the beauty of the plants is sure to give you joy. Fresh air also does everyone a bit of good and can boost your mood, so be sure to soak up that sun!


While your children are taking naps or in those morning hours, be sure to take time to exercise. Pick out a routine that you will enjoy, whether that be dancing, yoga, or a typical cardio or strength workout.

Make sure that you set up a space for yourself that again can act as an escape for you to be when your children are busy doing something else or are asleep.

Exercise also boosts the endorphins in your brain so you are sure to feel happier and more relaxed after the routine has been completed.

If you are a busy mother or father, it is so important to not neglect yourself and to take care of yourself as well.

Consider doing things that will also boost your mood so that you can feel more relaxed and happy to be with your family.

One of the items on the list above is sure to bring you joy and the right amount of time for yourself that you need. You can even set reminders for any of these tasks so that you can always know that this is a part of your daily schedule that cannot be forgotten.

Sharing is caring!

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