Netflix Picks: Marc Maron – Thinky Pain

Netflix Picks: Marc Maron – Thinky Pain

Marc Maron’s first act in his stand-up comedy career was as an associate of Sam Kinnison, one of the more high-octane standups to come out of the comedy boom of the 1980s. He remained on the fringes for most of the 90s, making a splash here and there but never quite cracking the big time. Since getting sober and starting his podcast, WTFcast, which is one of the most popular podcasts on the iTunes charts, Maron’s has slid more and more into the “big time” as he refers to it in the special.

Maron’s Thinky Pain is a Netflix original comedy special and provides a tour through the issues that plague Maron on a daily basis. His relationships with women, food, drugs, his parents, and so forth. The special is filled end-to-end with anecdotes about his life, some more over the top than others, in which he comes to realize that the pain that he doesn’t feel isn’t physical, it’s all emotional, or “thinky pain.”

The special is very organic and free-flowing and if it is rehearsed (he claims that it is not) it definitely does not feel that way, and I mean that in a good way.

If you have a few hours and feel like laughing through some thinky-pain then definitely check out this stand-up special by Marc Maron.


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