Orange is the New Black…Blazer

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Orange is the New Black Blazer

When you think fall, normally the first color that comes to mind is black. Get black out of your head and start thinking, Orange is the New Black! Black blazers have been in style for a while now and yours is probably worn out from wearing it too much. Instead of choosing a black blazer, opt for an orange blazer instead. As you can see, orange works with several colors including navy, white, and yellow. I would also suggest pairing it with khaki, slate gray, jeans, almost any blue, and camo print. Camo print is huge for fall, and you will be a trendista in camo jeans and an orange blazer. I recently wore a fall transition outfit comprised of an orange halter turtleneck dress with a camo bag. It was complimented to the hilt.

Orange is the New Black Blazer

Orange is an attention getting hue, and you will definitely get noticed when you wear it. Why blend in the sea of black and gray when you could stand out with orange? If anyone questions your choice, just brush it off and say, “Orange is the New Black.” That might spark a conversation about the Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black. The show is based on the book with the same title, Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman, a memoir about her experiences in prison. I have not read the book yet, but I will be this month for book club. The first season of the show is awesome and definitely worth watching.

Yellow and orange outfit

orange blazer and white Chanel skirt


I love when fashion is inspired by pop culture especially when the pop culture comes from an awesome new TV show! Mad Men is the perfect example of TV inspiring fashion. The 1960s saw a huge comeback as the show gained popularity. As Orange is the New Black gets more popular, it will be setting even more trends. Instead of waiting until the show goes mainstream, you should start sporting the orange trend now before everyone is doing it!

The Orange Blazer is by Michael Kors and is available for purchase at Encore Plus in Boca Raton, Florida. Get it before it sells!

What do you think of Orange?

What do you think of the new show, Orange is the New Black?

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3 thoughts on “Orange is the New Black…Blazer”

  1. Not a big orange fan, but it does look really good on your outfits. It is hard to wear orange when your hair has more red in it, but the right shade does go with most items, and this is the time to wear it – still can’t give up my black blazer, though!


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