Macy’s Five Fall Fashion Essentials #MacysFF13

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Macy’s Five Fall Fashion Essentials #MacysFF13

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Macy’s presents Fall’s Five Essentials-key pieces that say fall 2013! Annie aka The Fashion Poet showed the audience 5 fall essentials that will update your wardrobe for fall. It was a great day as I got to hang out with my friend, Jen aka The Rebel Chick. She’s awesome, but I rarely get to see her in person. So glad we got to watch the show together! 🙂 I got my hair done after the show from the mini Blo Bar set up by Macy’s. Check out the difference in hair below.

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The Rebel Chick and April Golightly

The 5 Fall Fashion Essentials are:

1. Leather

2. Black & Gold

3.  Zipper Details

4. Vests

5. The 90s

Macy's Five Fall Fashion Essentials


Leather looks great as an accent on a dress or pant or if you are into it, you can go full force with a leather pant or skirt. I love the faux leather vest that Annie was sporting at the Macy’s event.


Black & Gold

With all this leather you might start wondering what you should wear it with. I suggest adding gold accents instead of silver. Black & Gold are hot for fall!

Leather Details for Fall

Zipper Details

It is super cool to see that zipper details are back! I have this awesome skirt in blue with a zipper detail that I bought vintage a few years ago. It would be perfect right now, but of course it does not fit my post baby body. Check out this on trend skirt…unbelievable!



Vests are super hot for fall as is layering. You might as well layer with a vest so you can hit 2 trends.

Fall Vests from Macy'sCamo Pants for Fall

The 90s

Did you ever think the 90s would come back? I did not! I was definitely a grunge 90s girl who wanted to be Clare Danes from My So Called Life and marry Jared Leto aka Jordan Catalano. He leans so well! I am not sure that I could wear a flannel shirt again, but for the sake of fashion I might try. Please don’t laugh!


What is your favorite fall essential?

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