Royal Blue Bell Menswear Necktie Bangle & Belt

Wore my necktie bangle and bracelet and the first person I saw commented “Is that the bangle you made?”  It was great! Considering how well it came out, I definitely making another one in a different color. With the jean interior, it is comfortable on my wrist and doesn’t slip off.  I might be adding … Read more

Wear Purple for Respect in the New Year

Updated December 2019   Are you looking for respect in the new year? Here are some purple dresses to choose from. You can wear them on new years and all year to any fun parties you might attend.      ASOS has a ton of cute purple dresses for new years eve outfits. They have … Read more

Wear Chocolate for Stability this NYE

New Year’s Eve is a rare occasion when wearing a specific color can guide the upcoming year. If you feel like you need some stability in your life in the next year, you can wear Chocolate for Stability this NYE. Chocolate brown looks awesome with gold. You can spice up a chocolate brown dress with … Read more

red dresses for new years

Red New Years Dresses

Are you looking for passion and love in the new year? You can wear a red new years dress. We have some awesome Red New Years Dresses to choose from. 

OOTD: Conservatize Red Jeans Using Leopard, Silk, & Flats

Until I can find work pants that fit, I am finding creative ways to conservatize my colored jeans.  None of pants are fitting me anymore! Not that I am complaining!  Have I mentioned that I recently lost a ton of weight?  The weight loss has really taken a toll on my bottoms wardrobe.  Most of … Read more

Style Resolution for the New Year: Try Out Neon Yellow in 2012

    Polyvore was conducting a contest asking contestants to try something new in 2012.  Mainly, they wanted the contestants to step outside their comfort zone. I took the contest as an opportunity to play around with neon yellow.  I am big fan of all the other neon colors, but I have never worn neon … Read more

Wear White is for Peace in the New Year

White is the most popular color choice for New Year’s Eve in Brazil. If you search google images of Brazil New Years Eve, you will find a plethora of photo showing hundred of people on the beach in white on New Year’s Eve. In the Southern Hemisphere, New Year’s Eve is in the summer. I … Read more

J.Crew Glitter Spectator Flats

Even though I was not feeling well, I managed to muster up the energy to hit Boca Town Center on Monday.  I nearly cleared out J.Crew of all their sale items.  One of my favorite finds were these hidden heel spectator flats. The toe and heel have  black glitter and the cream leather is very soft. Also, added bonus for … Read more

OOTD Racer Back Vest with Purse Jeans

  As I was packing for my trip to Barcelona, I threw together a few fall outfits that are work really well together. I did not get to wear them all on my trip, but they are now in my fall rotation.  Here, I am wearing my tan motorcycle boots by MIA.  The purple jeans are from Gloria Vanderbilt. My mom bought … Read more

Plaid Shorts to Work

Plaid Shorts to Work by April Erhard of April Golightly

Holiday Nail Polish Adventure

For most of my life, I have been wearing pale pink or nude nail polish on my fingernails and reserving all the fun colors for my toes.  After seeing fashionista everywhere online embrace color and design, I decided to give some color a try.  I chose a hunter green and topped it off with light … Read more

OOTD Holiday Plaid

Cashmere Sweaters by Ralph Lauren Black Label