Packing Tips for Boston Travel

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We have been traveling to Boston for the past few years and at this point, I think I am an expert at packing for my entire for my entire family for our trips to Boston. This summer we went for almost 2 weeks and I was able to fit everything into a carry on with space so that we could buy stuff on while we are traveling. With the help of Stitch Fix, I am giving you some awesome packing tips for Boston Travel. Learn more about Stitch Fix here.


Boston Travel Packing Guide

Packing Tips for Boston Travel

Carry On Luggage

Start with a suitcase that is the right size for carrying on an airplane. This is one of my faves. I like it so much that I got a second one in black for my hubby for his birthday.

Slip-On Sneakers

Choosing to wear slip-on sneakers on the flight makes them easy to get on and off when you go through security. I also bring a few pairs of liner socks that I got in my stitch fix box as an extra. You can easily wear liner socks with a pair of slip-on sneakers or a pair your ballet flats with barely there liner socks that just cover your toes and heels to reduce friction and extend the life of your kicks.

Dress with Pockets

When packing a carry on bags for a trip, I like to pack dresses that can double as a cute top over pants. That way, I can get two uses out of a dress. The dress that came in my Stitch Fix box was a great color blue that pinched in with stretch at the waist. The dress also had pockets. I bought a pair of black leggings to layer under it during the day. At night time, you can just rock the dress or rock the dress with leggings with a nice pair of shoes.

Stretch Pants

Bringing a pair of black stretch pants can help make your packing more versatile. My favorite stretch pants are from J.Jill (see them here), but I am sure that you can also request a pair of leggings from your next Stitch Fix.

Stretch Pants with Dress


A good pair of jeans is an essential part of packing. I love a pair of good light torn pair of skinny jeans. They can be worn with several cute tops and layered. Also, they go great with sandals and slip-on sneakers. I got these jeans in my Stitch Fix box and have been wearing them non-stop.


Cute Jeans from Stitch Fix

Cute Tops

Packing a few cute tops that can be worn with jeans or stretch pants is the simplest way to pack light into a carryon. I try on all my tops before I leave to make sure everything is fitting normally and there are no stains or pulls. My favorite kind of cute tops is one that covers my behind and that has a v-neck. My Stitch Fix stylish got it right with this white tunic. I layered it with the nude cami that I ordered as an extra in my Stitch Fix box this month.

Stitch Fix Cute Tops

Jean Jacket Stitch Fix Stitch Fix Jewelry Layer Tanks Extra Stitch FixLayer Tanks

The layer tanks are available as extras in all Stitch Fix boxes. I think that every woman needs a black camisole and a nude cami. They are a huge help with layering under tops to helps smooth your skin or to help make revealing top more wearable.

Under Garments

Bring underwear for every day and few extra just in case you want to change in the evening. I only bring 3 bras- 1 black, 1 nude, and a sports bra. Stitch Fix has an amazing bra that you can get in the box too. I love Wacoal so much. They make my go-to strapless and I love the bra that came in my stitch fix box.

Rain Jacket

I like bringing a lined rain jacket when I travel. The best kind has a removable lining so that if you don’t need the extra warmth, you can leave it in your suitcase.Rain Coat for Stitch Fix

Boston Travel Packing

Tips for Packing with Stitch Fix

  • Create a Pinterest board with your destination and ideal vacation look. You can also leave your Stylist a note telling her what activities you’ll be doing on your trip. Will you be going to dinner a lot? Walking around all day? Boston is a walking city so comfortable shoes are key. Check out this Boston Travel Tips Guide
  • Let your Stylist know how you are planning on packing. Are you taking a carry-on bag or 3 trunks’ full of clothes?
  • Your Stitch Fix Stylist are experts at finding versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, and layered. They can help you if you’re planning to pack light. 
  • A vacation can be a great time to try a new trend, cut or piece. Your Stylist will help you feel comfortable, even when stepping out of the box.
  • Your Stylist can find the pieces that are just right for your vacation setting – whether you’re off to the beach, the mountains, the barbecue or the city.


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