Travel Photo Collage Ideas to Commemorate our Family Vacations

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During our stay in Boston, my in-laws were telling me about their retirement travels and showed me the collages they made to commemorate every trip. I thought a Travel Photo Collage is a genius way to remember the fun times you have while traveling! I’ve had large prints made of beautiful photos I have taken while traveling, but I had never made a travel photo collage until now.

If you are like me, you will share your travel photos on Instagram for a couple of weeks and then in a photo album on Facebook. Once you have shared and share on social media, your photos end up on hard drive completely forgotten. Travel collage with family and scenic photos you took during travel gives you a permanent reminder of your vacation. This way you don’t forget the fun times. We added them to the wall collage in the living room. Here are some Wall Collage Ideas.



Travel Photo Collage Ideas

This Nashville Trip was spur of the moment as we evaded a hurricane coming for South Florida. The trip was actually a welcome retreat. It was filled with lots of family time and lots of street art! Nashville is a really fun town! This Summer Memories collage has a ton of fonts to choose from and the option for adding two line of copy. I put the location on top along with details of the trip below with the season, year, and family members that went on the trip.




Family Photo Collage

This collage is filled with family photos from our trip to visit family in Boston. I took some awesome scenic photos of the Boston skyline and the boats in the harbor. I really wanted to focus on my daughter and husband in this collage. The photo of the two of them is my favorite of all time. I am so glad it is in our living room forever! I kept the font simple in this family photo collage. It is called Family + Friends Collage from Minted. You can get in various sizes from 5″ X 7″ to 40″ X 54″.

See the Boston trip details here: Boston Packing Guide & Summer Travel Essentials
Family Photo Collage





Family Photo Collage


Oversized Photo Print

Instant Gallery

Tak your wall collage to the next level with this Instant Gallery. They look like polaroid photos that make it look like you have a wall art collage of your Instagram feed.


Instant Gallery Wall Art



Instant Gallery Wall Collage This was the original wall collage in the living room.

Minted Wall Collage for living room_Here are some of my other favorites for Travel Photo Collage:

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