Thank Goodness It’s Casual Friday

FINALLY!  It ‘s Friday!  Every Friday since I heard Rebecca Black’s Friday song, I sing the catchy chorus with excitement to myself.  It’s Friday, Friday; Gotta get down on Friday; Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend; Friday, Friday.  Forget about the weekend, fashion on weekends is a given. Lately, I have been starved for fashion during the weekdays.  Up until a few months ago, my office had an almost anything goes dress policy.  Turns out, it wasn’t … Read more

Mulberry Green Boot Obsession Day 2

Mulberry is making a platform version of the green boots. Super cute, now I want these too.  I love mixing floral prints in navy and green. It is very earthy-prepster.    Green Boots with Florals by aprilgolightly featuring wedge heel boots   mulberry green Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Mulberry Green Boot Obsession–Day One

These green Mulberry boots are calling my name, but they are extreme expensive so I need to find more than one outfit to match them with.  I have been trying out different color options using Polyvore to see if they are worth the money.     Green Boot Compound Blue, PInk, and Green by aprilgolightly featuring a chain necklace   mulberry

What to Wear Shopping on Black Friday

Are you daring to venture out on the biggest shopping day of the year? If so, you better be prepared. My advice is to leave all jewelry at home so you don’t break or lose anything important.  Wear a zipper sweater for easy of removal. Layer a tank top underneath because it can get hot in these stores and also for easy try on if dress room lines are out the door.  Large purse with … Read more