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There is nothing better than laying by your pool on a nice day in your patio living room. Living rooms are set up to be conversational with all the chairs facing each other around a coffee table. With no TVs lingering in a cabinet in front of you, a patio living rooms lets you use the living room for what it was originally meant for – conversation. Tomorrow, I will show off my entire backyard reveal on the Home Depot blog. Are you as excited as I am? Until then, here are some awesome tips on how to set up a Patio Living Room in your backyard.

Patio Living Room

Outdoor Seating

The most important part of patio living room is comfort.  You want to be able to grab your coffee or cocktail and enjoy a conversation on the Home Decorators Collection Camden Light Brown Loveseat and the Camden Lounger Set all perched around the Camden wicker coffee table. It will be coffee talk at its finest – outdoors where the breeze feels fantastic and birds are chirping in the trees.


The lighting gives something extra to your patio. I just love the cafe lights that hang in restaurants giving the place a romantic feel. When I was choosing the lighting for the Patio Living Room, I chose Large Café String Lights giving the living room a little mood lighting that encourages relaxation and conversation like a dinner date on comfy couches at a trendy restaurant.


For planters, I choose a few different types of ceramic planters in white. Planter make the space more inviting and look fantastic as accents to the lounge chairs. Having plants around your patio literally brings life to your yard. You can learn more about the outdoor plant I choose for my yard in my Home Depot Backyard Reveal Post here.

Planters come in all shapes and varieties. You can use a ceramic planter, a wine crate, and even hang some plants.  The Home Depot has an amazing garden center and helpful employees that will guide you on which plants work best in your area and for your level of gardening. Even those of us black thumb have options to turn it slightly green. Some of the easiest plants to care for in South Florida are the Oyster Plant, Sansevieria trifasciata aka Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant, and the Clusia Plant. These plants don’t lose a lot of leaving a mess by your pool.

Home Depot Succulents

The Home Depot has a wide variety of mini succulents for 3 for $10. My daughter and I had a blast planting them together. She really loves that she is helping something grow.


Outdoor Lanterns

Planters look fantastic poised next to a stylish planter. One of my design choices is a beautiful lantern placed on the ground. Ideally, I would have copper lanterns in every corner of my yard would have lanterns lighting the walk in the evening. I was extremely impressed with the lantern selection at the Home Depot. My goal is to have them all around the yard some of the hotels on Miami Beach. The mood lighting given by outdoor lanterns is like no other.

Accent Tables

The patio living meshes perfectly together with help of accent tables and a coffee table in the center. The Camden Light Brown Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table is the ideal choice for the centerpiece of the living room since it matching the Camden Collection perfectly.

As a side table, I chose the Hampton Bay Metal Garden Stool with Geo Pattern. The Charleston color perfectly complements the Camden Fretwork Mist and Canvas Spa on the chair cushions and pillows.

See the full reveal of my stylish backyard on the Home Depot Blog. You can get all this awesome backyard patio furniture and accessories at the Home Depot online or in store.

What are your plans for redoing your backyard patio? Leave questions or comments below.

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