Perfect Harmony – Interview with Spencer Allport

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Have you seen Perfect Harmony yet? My friend’s son is in the show as the son. He’s doing such a great job and my husband and I LOVE the show! Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony is funny and interesting at the same time. It’s so rare to find a comedy that both my husband and I like! It reminds me a little of Glee because of the musical aspect, but the plot and characters are 1000 times better. 

The shows main characters are Bradley Whitford from the West Wing and Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect. They get thrown together and the Ivy League professor becomes the director of a rural church choir. It’s hilarious and we LOVE it! You should check it out.

Today, we are bringing you an interview with Spencer Allport who plays Cash in Perfect Harmony. He’s my friend’s son and he’s now a celebrity! How cool is that? 

PERFECT HARMONY — “Know When to Walk Away” Episode 111 — Pictured: Spencer Allport as Cash — (Photo by: Mitchell Haddad/NBC)

Interview with Spencer Allport 

Did anyone tell you how long it might take to be cast on a tv show in Hollywood? Yes a lot of people, almost everyone I met and I was amazed at how quickly I earned this role. 

How many auditions did you have for the role of Cash on Perfect Harmony? I think it was 5 auditions in total. Those were with all different people. First I met with the casting directors and then I got to meet with Bradley Whitford and Jason Winer and a few other producers. 

What has been the best part of your experience so far? Being able to hang out with some of the celebrities and be able to take part in something important that people like a lot.

Walk us through a normal day on set? Usually my mom and I get there and go to the breakfast truck. Then I get into my wardrobe and hit the hair and makeup trailer. After that I go to school with my teacher Eric. At some point they will be ready for me and I head to set. The day is split up with shooting and school. If you follow the cast on Instagram you can see how we goof off during filming, we have fun.

Which of the actors are you closest with? Definitely Will Greenberg, he plays my dad Wayne. He’s a kid at heart.

In this episode airing on January 9th you’ll be singing, is this your first time singing on Perfect Harmony? No, I sang a little bit in the Thanksgiving episode. You can hear me on the Doxology if you purchase the soundtrack on Amazon, Spotify or iTunes. Then this upcoming song, which is still on the downlow, but I hope you’ll like it. 

If you could sing any song on the show what would it be and why? I think someone asked me this once and I said Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra, something a bit more modern would be Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

Who would you like to do a duet with on the show of the existing cast members? I think Shanice, who plays Leanne, has a wonderful voice and she’s also fun to hang out with. I don’t know what song we could sing together but I’d like to sing something with her. 

Who would be your favorite guest star on the show? Aaron Gordon from the Orlando Magic. I don’t know how they’d make that work but he’s done some acting and I’m a die hard Magic fan so I think they could figure it out for me. They’ve brought sports stars onto other shows.

What do you like to do outside of the show, what are your hobbies? I like to play basketball, I take every chance available to join basketball camps or clinics when I’m off work. When I’m not playing I’m watching the Orlando Magic play. I know I live in Los Angeles now but at our house we’re Pure Magic!

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