Pineapple Summer Ribs

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 Summer is here and it’s time to start drinking ice cold beverages and getting messy with your family and friends eating some awesome ribs. I did my rib research on getting the moistest and flavorful ribs.  I used a Char-Broil Grill infrared with indirect heat. It takes some time to get a moist rib, but trust me, it is worth it!


Marinade Ingredients

1/2 cup dark soy sauce
4 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
6 tablespoons Miso Paste
2 tablespoon honey
4 teaspoons brown sugar
2 teaspoon molasses
4 tablespoons spicy rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
2 tablespoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon sriracha
1/4 fresh pineapple diced

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -4


1/2 cup ketchup
3/4 cup pineapple juice
3 1/3 pounds Pork Loin Back Ribs


1. Mix together all the marinade ingredients: 1/2 cup dark soy sauce,4 tablespoons creamy peanut butter, 6 tablespoons Miso Paste, 2 tablespoon honey, 4 teaspoons brown sugar, 2 teaspoon molasses, 4 tablespoons spicy rice wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 2 tablespoon sesame oil, 1 teaspoon sriracha, and 1/4 fresh pineapple diced.

2. Pour half the marinade on the Ribs and leave in the fridge overnight.

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe

3. Mix a 1/2 ketchup with the remainder of the marinade, cover and refrigerate.
4. When you are ready to cook the ribs, heat half the grill on medium heat and place the ribs on the half of the grill that is not heated. This is called indirect heat. Leave the ribs on the grill for 30 minutes.

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -5

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -6

5. While the ribs are on the grill, make a foil tent out of 3 large pieces of foil.

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -8

6. Enclose the ribs in a leak-proof foil pouch with 3/4 cup pineapple juice. Set this on the grill on the cool side using indirect heat again for another 30 minutes. This steaming method helps make the meat tender.

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Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -12

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -14
7. Remove the ribs from the foil steam pouch and set it on the grill indirect heat, but at a higher temperature.

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -17

8.  Baste the ribs with the remainder of the marinade. Cook for 10 minutes on high indirect heat (about 400 degrees on the indirect side).

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -18

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -19

9. Flip the ribs over and slice between the bones.

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -20

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -21

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -22

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -23

10. Serve with pineapple slices and a pineapple cocktail that you make with the remainder of the pineapple juice.

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -15

Pineapple Summer Ribs Recipe #weavemade #ReadySetRibs -25

Pineapple Summer Ribs recipe made on the grill - Asian Chinese Style - mouthwatering and extremely easy to make for ribs novices

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  1. I’ve never made ribs, honestly they seem pretty hard. But, your recipe looks so good, I may have to give it a go!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can’t stop imagining what that tastes like! I bet it was amazing. It looks amazing! I want some!

  3. I am sharing this with my husband. We had ribs over the weekend and they didn’t look nearly as tasty as these! He did some marinating and other stuff, but they just were not very appetizing. 🙂

  4. Oh wow, those look absolutely delicious! I need to try this one next time I’m cooking ribs – thanks for the recipe and the mouthwatering photos!

  5. Okay, now I know what we are having for dinner tonight. Your ribs look really tasty. My husband’s favorite food to grill are ribs.

  6. If you truly want to reduce salt you must read the labels of all the ingredients you use! Check the sodium in catsup!! Just about every thing like marinades, dressings, are loaded. Yes there is low salt catsup for 5-6$ for the 99 cent but you can make your own . Low sodium soy is usually available but if you are on à 2000 my sodium you might get to lick your fingers or have the tiny rib left on the plate.


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