Pool Party Ideas for Adults

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Summer is nearly here and I am getting ready to host a whole lot of pool parties. Today, I am going over pool party ideas that will help you plan your own party. After weeks of rain, it was the perfect South Florida day for it, since the thermometer crawled up to the 80s. We had so much that we snapped most of the pictures pre-party. We snapped a few pics and documented our tips on how we hosted this pool party. Take a peek below to see some fun pics from our pool party in the backyard and tips on how you can host your own pool party.


Pool Party Ideas for Adults

Pool Party Invitations

You can invite your guests with an Evite or through a private Facebook event. If you are only hosting a small gathering, this is the easiest way to send invites. If you are having a large pool party for a birthday or to celebrate something, you can order some tropical invites online.

Pool Party Drinks

For a hot summer day, my favorite choice for pool party drinks is Dr Pepper. It is the most refreshing beverage and is the ideal choice for a fun summer pool party. I love sipping on Dr Pepper especially when it’s so hot outside. Starting on 6/15/2018, you can pick up unique Pick Your Pepper packaging for Dr Pepper. It is super fun, individualized, and designed by millennials, for millennials.

Pool Party Drinks

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Ray Dunn Party CupsPool Party Food

For pool party food, I like to go with fresh fruits, something to snack on and, the main dish. My choice for this party was three easy to make foods that your pool party guests will love. The easiest is popping fresh popcorn or getting a bag of popcorn from the store.

Since the party is hosted in the hot sun, you want to serve food that has lots of water in it, like fruit. I made these cute rainbow fruit skewers. You want to have a few snack dishes and a light main course.  If you have a grill pan or grill going, you can also make this grilled pineapple appetizer with raspberry sauce or these pineapple chicken skewers.

Pool Party Rainbow Fruit Skewers

For a pool party food main course, I chose to make mango ceviche. It has jalapeño that makes it a little spicy. Spicy food actually helps regulate the heat you feel on a hot summer day. This happens because spicy food makes you sweat. Chili peppers like jalapeño and habanero cause your body to warm up along with your mouth, making the heat outside feel less intense. Make sense? Here is another ceviche recipe that I know you will love too: Watermelon Peruvian Ceviche Recipe.

Pool Party Decor

The pool party decor that I suggest is both functional and fun. I would suggest getting a bunch of fun pool floats and beach balls. I also keep umbrellas all around the pool to help provide shade for my guests. You can also decorate those umbrellas or leave them as is. I have noticed that a lot of people are spray painting pineapples as party decor.

Flowers & Leaves

You can find nice flowers at your local Walmart. I used a plain, clear vase and mixed together a few bouquets that I bought for less than $12! If you have flowers or small palms on your property, you can fill a vase with your around-the-house flowers and leaves.

How to Decorate a Bar Cart

For an adult pool party idea, I love the idea of decorating a fun outdoor bar cart to use by the pool. I separate the bar cart into two rows where the back part of the cart needs to be at a higher level than the front of the cart. I use cake stands and flowers to make the back row higher. Also, I bought reusable popcorn buckets that are pretty tall. Make sure to think about height levels so that every item can stand out!

Back Top Row – Flowers, Metal Cake Plate with drinks on top

Front Top Row – Drink holders, plates, napkins, food

Back Bottom Row – Food (popcorn) – you may want to use a cake plate to make it higher, extra towels

Front Bottom Row -Sunblock and SunglassesParty Bar Cart

Sunblock Station

To protect your friends, make sure to have lots of sunblock around to encourage people to keep applying sunblock throughout the day. I also put a bunch of sunglasses out just in case people forgot them. Sunglasses are also a really fun party favor idea.

Forget Your Towel Station

I keep extra towels poolside during the pool party just in case people forget. Even though I always remind people in the pool party invitation, I like to have some pool towels ready for anyone that forgot.Towels Pool Party

Pool Party Music

An awesome playlist or party station using a streaming service can make the difference between a great pool party and an awesome pool party. Choose your music before the party and be sure to have a wireless speaker or amplifier ready to play your tunes.

What to Wear to a Pool Party

For pool parties, I like to wear bathing suits that I feel confident walking around all day in. Also, I bring a cover-up that I can leave by the side of the pool so that I can cover my bottom half as I exit the pool. It is really up to you if you want to do it. After all, it is a pool party, you should just be having fun and not thinking about keeping yourself covered. I usually bring an extra pair of clothes like a lightweight dress to change into when I leave. I prefer a dress over a pair of pants or shorts because you might be slightly damp when you are leaving. Also, worst case scenario, the pool party gets rained out, I want to be able to change. In Florida, this happens all the time.


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Do you have any adult pool party ideas tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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