First Rent the Runway Experience

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I finally tried out Rent the Runway! I have been on the mailing list for a while, but was apprehensive since I prefer to re-wear my clothing.  I decided to try it out for my engagement photo shoot because I was having a hard time finding a dress locally.  Also, I know that if I bought an amazing new dress for the engagement photo shoot, I would have to immediately retire the dress considering that everyone I know will have seen me in it.  It happened with a stunning Donna Ricco yellow dress that I donned for my birthday party a few years back.  Too many pictures and too many people at the party.  Never wore it again!  Some outfits can actually be too memorable!  This Matthew Williamson number is in the same class, but the price tag is about $1,500.00 and I rented it for $75.00.  It was a no brainer.  Rent the dress here!

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