Rose Gold Accessories

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rose gold accessories
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luella for target white jeans stripe button down
These amazing rose gold Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (similar here by Jimmy Coo and Jean-Michel Cazabat) were a great find from Ruelala. Rose gold accessories go well with spring and spring transition outfits. This outfit is perfect for spring transition as it is a little bit spring, but still keeps you warm when it is cool.


I am loving that Ruelala just started doing this 30 day shipping thing where if you pay for shipping once in a month, you do not have to pay for it again. It makes buying from them so much cheaper. Shipping cost keeps me going to stores. I was on the other night and was about to spend about $100 on plastic containers, but cancelled my order because the shipping cost was $78 dollars. It was shocking me so I cancelled it and headed up to the Target store front to get what I needed.  Target was pretty lucky I am a big fan as I could have easily decided to hit another store to get what I needed.


Sharing is caring!

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