Save Money on Save the Dates DIY

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1.  Save the Date Magnets purchased on Vistaprint

2.  Craft Bond Spray Adhesive

3. Paint Chips (note: I chose to mix the colors, but all the same colors would work as well)

4. Magazine

5. Ream of 8 x 10 – 25 Pound White Paper

6. Paper Trimmer

7. Glue Dots

8. Fiance helper (much easier done with a helper!)

Step 1

Design Save the Dates. There are a million save the date ideas online. I liked a ton of them and put together a design that took from all my faves.

Step 2

Print the design using on an 8 x 10 – 25 pound white paper.  Print more than you need just in case there are any mishaps or ink bleeding.

Step 3

Use the paper trimmer to cut the printed save the dates so that it will fit on the paint chips that you chose.

Step 4

Break out an old magazine and use each page as a “drop cloth” so you don’t get the spay glue everywhere. Spray the adhesive onto the back of on paint chip and onto the back of the printed save the date. You can separate theses steps as I did or glue them all at once.

Step 5

Glue the back of the paint chips together.  Try to line them up as best as possible.  I would like to note that my fiance was much better at this than I was.  Then, spray the back of the printed save the date and center it on the paint chip.

Step 6

Put glue dots on the center of the back of the paint chip save the date.


Try to put at most 3 and dont push that hard as I realized  the magnets can and will rip if you use too many glue dots.

Step 7

Place the save the date magnets on top of the glue dots. Try to center it the best you can.

Step 8

Get them out! People cannot save the date if they don’t get your save the dates.

Happy Saving the Date!

Wedding planning can be tough.

I am here to help!

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make this better and feel free to ask questions.

Sharing is caring!

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