Setting Healthy Goals & Being Rewarded for Achieving Them

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These days I have been making a concentrated effort on setting healthy goals for myself. It has been a struggle trying to get motivated and finding time to lose the baby weight. I realize it is all about setting your mind to the goal of weight management and keeping yourself accountable for these goals. It has been a long road just getting my mind ready to lose weight. My mind is set now! I just need to keep track of the good things that I do like exercising and eating well so that I can feel like I am progressing even if I do not see results yet.


The Walgreens Balance Reward program is awesome! I always save a ton of money and now that the coupons and the points are on my phone, I can save money all the time because I never forget to bring my coupons or saving slips.

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walgreens app #shop #balance rewards

Walgreens is rewarding you for living a healthy life!  The Walgreens App gives Balance Rewards points for making healthy choices, keeping you accountable and makes living a healthy life easy by setting health goals, tracking progress, and connecting your devices. I have started setting goals and tracking them with the Walgreens App and the healthy choices program. You can start tracking your progress as well!

Setting Fitness Goals #shop #BalanceRewards

The healthy choices program has a wide range of rewardable & trackable activities.

First, I start the day by tracking my weight and sleep with the Walgreens App. It helps me understand what causes interrupted sleep and weighing myself at the same time everyday helps. There are tons of other ways to earn points. You can track all kinds of activities daily to earn points to use toward Walgreen purchases of delicious drinks.

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After my morning coffee, which I am trying to cut back on, I take some yummy gummy vitamins.

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Throughout the day I track my fitness activities from walking to working out. I linked up the MapMyFitness App to the Walgreens App. You can connect devices like the Fitbit Flex, the Jawbone, and other common tracking devices. Get the full list of devices and Apps here.

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Have your tried the Balance Reward healthy choices program? How much have you saved so far?

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10 thoughts on “Setting Healthy Goals & Being Rewarded for Achieving Them”

  1. I really don’t shop there that often since the closest store to me is 15 minutes away. That said, I love their health program. Such a great way to stay healthy and motivated 🙂

  2. Nice program, I didn’t realize you could track workouts on the Walgreens app. I will have to check that out since I already have it on the phone for coupons!

  3. I’ve been really loving the app too! I started tracking my sleep and food/exercise this past week and have been really impressed with seeing the correlations between what I’m eating and how well I sleep. #client


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