Snake and Plaid at the Mondrian

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Obsession of the Week: Snake Pumps

This was my check-in outfit for my weekend at the Mondrain Hotel on Miami’s South Beach. As with every outfit that I wear on “The Beach”, I try to make an impression without looking like I am trying to hard.  Just as New York City is labeled “The City” by New Yorkers, South Beach is considered “The Beach” by Miamians. The Mondrian Hotel Studio was lovely. If I did not have to share a bathroom, I’d live there in a minute. The room has a extremely fashionable kitchen with an unexpected mix of nautical printed backsplash and a tiny lucite orange dining table. The “television stand” is an oversized picture frame with a desk, orange mirror, and japanese doll painting incorporated on either side. The room just feels sexy and perfect for a stylish weekend on South Beach.



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