Star Wars Party

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This week I hosted the Star Wars Party to watch the new Star Wars Movie – The Force Awakens. My husband and I saw it in the theater twice without my daughter because we thought she would not like it or she would be too scared. Boy, were we wrong! She totally got into it. She pretended to be an X-Wing flying around, and she was cheering for Rey. Then, we had light saber fight after the movie!

We served the snacks and drinks on Star Wars themed cups and plates with Star Wars Napkins. I love these reusable Star Wars – The Force Awakens cups because your guests can take them home and reuse them.

Star Wars Party-3566

Here are some of the games and the toys that we played with at the Star Wars Party!

Bop It

We played the R2D2 Bop It. It is such a fun game! I am slightly addicted now! Who knew Bob It could be so cool?

Star Wars Party-3577 Star Wars Party-3569Star Wars Snacks

We watched the Star Wars – The Force Awakens while eating Star Wars Pop Chips.

Star Wars Figures

We acted out the scenes from The Force Awakens with these Star Wars figurines. The figurines are so realistic and have impressive movable parts. You can easily emote with their extremities.

Star Wars Lightsabers

You can easily have a lightsaber duel with these amazing toy lightsabers. They make realistic lightsaber noises. The Star Wars Kylo Ren Deluxe Electronic Lightsaber is so cool looking, and it starts the way the real lightsaber works in the movie. First, the saber lights up and makes noise, then the exhaust starts. You can roll play and pretend you are Kylo Ren or a Storm Trooper like Fin. The Masks are reasonably priced at $3.35 so you can buy one for every kid at the party.

Star Wars Party-3547 Star Wars Party-3549 Star Wars Party-3552Nerf Games

You can play easily make a nerf shooting course with these Star Wars Printables. Glue paddle sticks to stand up the colored in free printables. The Nerf Blasters are Star Wars themed for more Star Wars fun to this Star Wars Movie Viewing Party.

Star Wars Party-3559Coloring Sheets

Print out these Star Wars Coloring sheets for the party. They are free and are always a big hit.

stormtroopers coloring sheets  Kylo Ren Coloring Sheets

Hasbro sent me some these awesome products to host this Star Wars Party!

Star Wars Activities 

Now that I have shared my Star Wars Party Plan with you, do you have anything fun to add?

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