Stitch Fix Kids Review

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Stitch Fix Kids is my new favorite way to shop for my daughter. She loves opening packages and she got really excited to open the Stitch Fix box. This Stitch Fix Kids Review post contains affiliate link where we get a small commision that costs you nothing. We love Stitch Fix Kids and all opinions are definitely our own! Try out the subscription by clicking here.


Stitch Fix Kids Review for Girls Every three months, subscribers to the Stitch Fix Kids box gets 8 to 12 pieces of clothing and shoes that are hand selected based on your child’s profile. You can update the profile at any time to keep your child’s sizes and style correct. The sizing goes from 2T to 14 from brands like Nike and Disney. Stitch Fix also came out with its own brand of clothing, Rumi + Ryder, that is super cute and stylish. You also get cool stitchers and games that come in and even on the box.


Stitch Fix Similarities

Style Profile

Kids will get their very own style profile (filled out with help from a parent or guardian) and their very own stylist. Just like adult Fixes, we encourage feedback on what you’re looking for and what you’re not. Kids Fixes will contain between 8 to 12 items, giving parents the chance to stock up more and shop less often.

Keep Your Favorites

You get to keep your favorites and only pay for what you keep. If you buy the entire box, you get a 25% discount on all the stuff in the box.


Send Back the Rest

Returns and exchanges are free and extremely easy. The Stitch Fix Kids Box comes with a prepaid mailer to send any items you don’t want back. It fits in your mailbox so all you have to do is put up the flag and the USPS will pick it up for you.

Stitch Fix Prices Fit Any Budget

Stitch Fix kids have thousands of styles in their inventory with prices ranging from $10 to $35. Stitch Fix Prices for the kid’s box is relatively less expensive that the women’s Stitch Fix box.

Stitch Fix Differences

8 to 12 Pieces in the Stitch Fix Kids Box

The women’s Stitch Fix has 5 pieces in it. The Kids Stitch Fix box has 8 to 12 pieces so that you can truly get several outfits out of the box. With mixing and matching, you really get a ton of new looks.

Kids Sizing

The kid’s sizing in the Stitch Fix box goes from 2T to 14. There is an expert fit guide that helps you get the perfect size for your kids. Finding the ideal size for your kiddos can be difficult and it usually keeps moms from ordering online. Stitch Fix gives you worry-free shopping online.

Here are some of the winning styles from the Fall Stitch Fix Kids Box:


Stitch Fix Kids Box Fall Girls

Try out Stitch Fix Kids now! 

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Have you tried Stitch Fix kids? Leave your comments and any question you have below. 🙂


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