New Polly Pocket Toys

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Do you remember playing with Polly Pocket when you were a kid? Me too! I have fond memories of playing with Polly Pocket toys when I was a little girl. The new Polly Pocket Toys have some new characters and friends that make playing with Polly Pocket even more fun!

New Polly Pocket Toys

My daughter immediately fell in love with Polly Pocket and her friend Shani. One of my best friends is named Shani so it made it extra special to have a Shani doll. My daughter immediately took to the cuteness of the Polly Pocket World where Polly has shrinking powers that help her go from big to small so she can fit in your pocket.

Polly Pocket Story

Polly Pocket is a clever and curious inventor always on the lookout for adventure! When she inherits a magic locket from her grandmother, Polly realizes she can shrink to a pocket-sized, making her world bigger than ever!



Polly Pocket Compacts

The Polly Pocket Pocket Sweet Treat Cupcake Café Compact is small enough to take anywhere for great Polly Pocket™ adventures. They also come with stickers so that Polly and friends can stick anywhere even upside down.

Polly Pocket Cupcake

The Snowball Surprise Compact looks like snowglobe and cute tiny Polly Pocket doll and Shani Doll dressed in winter gear. There is a little movable ski lift, igloo with a hidden snowman, ski lodge with bedroom, fireplace, and even a hidden bathroom. It is darn cute! We have been reading a lot about winter and snow so this was perfect timing to talk about what we learned while we play. You can get the Polly Pocket Compacts in the Walmart toy aisle or you can click here to add to your cart on! (

Polly Pocket Snowglobe

Polly Pocket Snow globe

Tiny Pocket Places Compact

Polly Pocket has teenie tiny pocket place compacts that are extra small so that you can fit more than one in your pocket. The Aqua Awesome Aquarium Compact is an under the sea adventure complete with a fin flipper that Polly and friends can wear on their feet.

Polly Pocket

The Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places Picnic Portable Compact with Micro Skateboarding Doll is so stinking cute and comes with a little pink scooter.

The Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places Fiercely Fab Studio Compact comes with Micro Model Lila Doll. Lila, Shani, and Polly are the main characters in the TV show. Lila is one of Polly Pocket’s best friends and on-demand fashion stylist. Using her passion for fashion, Lila always has the right accessory on hand when their tiny adventures call for a fashion fix!

Polly Pocket Wardrobe

Polly Pocket Backpack

Polly Pocket Hidden Places Beach Vibes Backpack with Dolls. This one does not fit in your pocket so it is perfect for at home play.

Polly Pocket backpack


Polly Pocket Active Pose Doll

Polly Pocket also has full-size dolls with playsets. Polly Pocket Active Pose comes with Zip ‘n’ Blast Zipline Blaster that really shoots (very lightly). My daughter has been pretending that the bigger Polly Pocket is the mom of the Micro Polly Pocket dolls.


Polly Pocket Dolls

You can get some more of the Polly Pocket friends in the full active size. Walmart has Polly Pocket characters: Lila, Nicolas, and Shani. Shani is one of daughter’s favorite. I love that they have a boy toy that my daughter and friends can play with too.


Polly Pocket Shani

Polly Pocket Shani


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