Fall Hair Style – Straightener Curls Tutorial

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This Straightener Curls Tutorial is sponsored by Mirum. All opinions are my own.

I feel like jumping up and down now that it is finally Fall. The temperature is cooling down and it feels so much better outside. However, dry air is rolling in along with the cooler temps. During the fall season, I like to use Dove Dermacare shampoo and conditioner to help prevent any dandruff caused by dry air.


Straightener curls are my go-to hair for fall because it is so easy and I do not have to spend a lot of time styling. Also, when I am traveling, I only want to bring one hair tool with me. You can create this look on blow-dried hair or hair that has been dried naturally. If you don’t have a blow dryer in your room, you can achieve the look with a straightener alone! Also, this look has lasted me over 4 days with minimal touch ups and careful combing in the back. Straightener curls have a nice flow and look good day after day.


Start by washing your hair with Dove Dermacare shampoo and conditioner to prevent any flaking. I am using Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner. The scalp solution in the Shampoo is formulated with active Pyrithione Zinc that effectively tackles dandruff in a formula that nourishes and soothes the scalp. Its mild, pH balanced formula, with a blend of oils, gently cares for hair. For flake free*, nourished, smooth and manageable hair. (*no visible flakes with regular use.) Get Dove Hair products available at Target: Buy 4 Dove Hair Products and receive a $5 Target Gift Card (10/14-10/27).

Allow your hair to dry naturally or roughly blow dry it so that your natural wave and volume is present.

Use a heat protectant spray like Dove Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray. It defends hair from heat styling damage while also infusing hair with a lightweight, conditioning nourishment for smooth, shiny, and protected hair. Use sparingly at first and add more as needed.

Brush out your hair to remove any tangles or knots.

Section off your hair so that you are starting with the hair closer to the nape of the neck.

Pull the hair forward. Start at the root of the hair as though you are going straighten it and then start to twist as you get to the middle of the hair.

I usually glide the end of the hair so that it finishes into a nice curl.

Make curls through the lower half of the hair. They do not need to be perfect.

Next, drop the next section of hair, leaving only the crown clipped.

The curl direction only matters in the front. Feel free to switch back and forth with curl direction in the back. Toward the front of your face, roll the curls away from your face.

Drop the last bit of hair to curl. Determine your part with a comb.

For the front top curls, I like to straighten past the middle and really focusing on curling jus the end. This gives more of a finished look to the hairstyle.

Get Dove Hair products available exclusively at Target: Buy 4 Dove Hair Products and receive a $5 Target Gift Card (10/14-10/27). That extra $5 gift card helps with my Target shopping and also is a fun bonus for my daughter is being extra good.



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