Summer’s No.1 Accessory: Hot Legs! #Cool2LookHot

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Summer’s No.1 Accessory is Hot Legs! Finely manicured legs make you thinner and that is my top priority in the summer! Hot Legs products help you show off summerโ€™s No.1 accessory: beautiful and smooth skin free of unwanted hair! At home waxing products are so much easier and last longer than shaving. Hot Legs products provides painless hair removal that you can do in privacy of your own home. I found the Hot Legs Total Body Wax Strips on a shopping trip this weekend to Walgreens.

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3 Ways to Look Slimmer this Summer by Highlighting Your Hot Legs

1. Wear a Short Dress

2. Wear Nude Colored Platform Wedges

3. Wax you legs

I was pregnant for quite sometime and now that I finally had the baby, I want to start wearing some clothes from my non-maternity wardrobe. I missed my regular wardrobe so much (tear…tear…)! I am not back to my pre-pregnancy weight or shape yet, but it has only been 3 weeks and I am still recovering from my c-section. I used some tricks to look thinner, including wearing a shorter dress to make my legs the focus of my outfit. Also, I am wearing nude platform wedges that give me height and make my legs look even longer. When you cannot show off a skinny waist or your decolletage is inappropriate because you are bursting at the seams, wax your legs.

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Since I barely have time to shower because my newborn is feeding 10 times per day, I definitely do not have time to shave my legs while I am in there. Plus, I have to sit in the shower to shave and that is no fun while I am recovering from my c-section. Hot Legs wax made it easy to remove the hair from my legs and forget about them for a while. Waxing keeps me hair free longer than shaving and considering how the price of razors has risen, it is actually cheaper!

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:: Outfits Details ::

Dress :: Michael Kors Striped Sweater Dress

Accessories :: Flower Ring, Bauble Bar Adjustable Ella Bangle with ACE engraved

Shoes :: Nine West Neutral Platforms

Nails :: Boom Boom Room by Essie

Hot Legs is an Australian based company providing painless and inexpensive painless hair removal products available exclusively at Walgreens. The brand is perfect for sensitive skin like mine and can be used on bikini lines, underarms, legs, brows, and other facial hair.

The Hot Legs line includes:

Learn more about Hot Legs Products on Facebook and Twitter.

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