Razor Wrap Bracelet DIY

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I fell in love with the Alexander McQueen Razor Triple Wrap Bracelet a while ago and decided to make my own when I came across laser cut silver mirror acrylic razor blade charms on Etsy made by SV Charms. I made this Razor Wrap Bracelet DIY for $20.00 and it retails for about $130.00!

razor wrap bracelet Do it yourself

Supplies & Tools

Step 1

Use the Laser Cut Silver Mirror Acrylic Razor Blade Charm to measure the leather so that it can fit the through the side of the razor blade.


Step 2

Using the ruler and the pencil draw a line across the leather so that the piece will thin on one side and slowly increase to the size necessary to accommodate the snaps. If you can find tiny snaps, this will not be necessary. My hole puncher came with snaps so I used what I had on hand. Cut 2 pieces of leather this size.

Step 3

Thread the leather through the razor side and use needle and black thread to sew the piece of leather to the razor. Do this with the other piece of leather that you cut.

Step 4

On the larger edge of the leather pieces, insert one side of the snaps. My leather piece was not large enough to wrap around my wrist 3 times so I had to cut an extra piece of leather to connect the sides. If you use a larger piece of leather, you will not have this problem.


SV Charms sent me the Laser Cut Silver Mirror Acrylic Razor Blade Charm. Thanks SV Charms!

What do you think of the project?

Feel free to send me any questions about the project.

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  1. That’s different, but I like it! I was just looking at DIY leather bracelets on Pinterest! I’ll have to add this one!


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