Wedding Lantern Center Piece

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I am huge fan of flowers, but for my wedding I did not want to waist money on flowers or have to throw out the flower arrangements the next day. I saw this video from Pottery Barn on creating Unique Long Lasting Center Pieces. At the end of the day, I ended up spending almost as much as I would have on flowers. I found the lanterns at Lowe’s at the the end of summer during a clearance. I would have loved to get Pottery Barn lanterns for every table, but was only able to buy 3. I found these lanterns that look just like the silver ones from Potterbarn at half the cost! This is the mossriver rocks, and ivory candles that I used

lantern center piece



lantern center pieces

I used the three Pottery Barn Lantern (exact replicas here) for my gift table. The large lantern was used in place of an envelope pillow. One of the smaller lanterns was used as a place to put the circles that I punched to use as the guest book. I sold the Lanterns through Craig’s List for about the same price that I purchased them for. I would recommend only purchasing these lanterns if you have extra space to store them before and after the wedding. They took up far too much space in my bedroom before the wedding and living room after the wedding.

What do you think of the Wedding Lantern Center Piece?

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9 thoughts on “Wedding Lantern Center Piece”

  1. I really like the look of the lanterns and moss. It’s such a lovely effect and could work for so many occasions. It’s really beautiful and classic.

  2. Very pretty. We made our centerpieces with fake Christmas wreaths that we put candles in the middle of. We gave the wreaths away to family after. We kept one as well and it hangs on our door every year. I love the look that candles give to a wedding.


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