Look Hot for the Biggest Game of the Year!

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As of a resident of the “football-shine” state of Florida, I’ve been dressing for the football games since high school.  With the Super Bowl right around the corner, I am putting together my “Sunday best.”

If you’re like me and have no preference either team, you probably don’t have any Steelers or Packers team gear. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to shop your closet for the team colors. If you have a green shirt on you that looks good, guess what, you’re going to be Green Bay fan this Sunday!  Grab a pair of dark jeans and a cute pair of heels to have a relaxed fashion at your Super Bowl part.  Being match-y is not only permitted, it’s encouraged!  I am excited about the prospect of breaking my neutral resolution for a day to break out some match-y accessories.  Lastly, if you want to support your team even though they are not playing on Sunday, check out Allyssa Milano’s line of NFL gear.

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