Tangerine Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Poblano Crema Recipe

Tangerine Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Poblano Crema Recipe is a compensated post written for Seminole Pride™Noble® juice. All opinions are my own. #purefamilymoment #ad This past weekend I had play group party at my house and featured Noble Tangerine Juice as part of menu. I also used Noble Tangerine Juice as party of the mimosas I served. I made Tangerine Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Poblano Crema, Tangerine Vinaigrette Dressing, and Mimosas.  I am working on perfecting the dressing and will share … Read more

Gluten-Free Chicken Caprese Salad Recipe

My mother has been eating gluten-free for over 10 years due to a gluten allergy. That means she was gluten free before there was anything labelled gluten free in the store. I am happy to annouce that Tyson has come out with an pre-cooked gluten-free chicken that you can quickly add to all of your gluten-free chicken recipes. I put together an easy gluten-free chicken caprese salad recipe that includes buffalo mozzarella and vine ripened tomatoes. My very Italian mother would call it mozzarella in the water.

Gluten-Free Chicken Caprese Salad #shop.jpg

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