New Year’s Eve Dresses

White New Year’s Eve Dresses – it means peace and is a Brazilian tradition to wear white on New Year’s Eve

Wear Navy on NYE

Navy is an awesome color choice for New Year’s Eve because it means intimacy. If you would like intimacy in the new year, navy is the best color for you. In Brazil, every color has a meaning. Find out what other color mean here. Metallic shoes are a perfect  awesome choice to wear with navy … Read more

How to wear Beige on New Year’s Eve

How to wear Beige on New Year’s Eve Classy and nude don’t really sound like they go together, but they do! If it makes you feel better, you can call the dress cream or beige. Wearing a nude dress on New Year’s Eve will bring you class in the upcoming year. This is all according … Read more

Blue New Years Eve Dress

For this New Year’s Eve I am considering a blue New Years Eve dress to find tranquility and wealth in the new year. Great choices of blue dress for NYE 2020

Wear Orange for Happiness

Wear Orange for Happiness by aprilgolightly featuring bracelets & bangles orange cocktail dress

Gold Dress for wealth in the new year

Wear Gold for Wealth in the New Year

Wear gold on New Year’s Eve to bring yourself wealth in the new year. Gold is color that you throw in with almost any New Year’s outfit.     Throw on some glitter pumps with almost any color dress and you will be bring wealth to you in the new year. For more color option, … Read more

Wear Yellow for Prosperity in the New Year

Yellow is the perfect color for you if want to stand out this New Year’s Eve. You will definitely get noticed if you wear yellow. This dress perfectly hugs my curves and has served me well over the years. I recently wore it to a fashion show in Miami and first wore it to my passing … Read more

Green for Harmony in the New Year

You can wear green or harmony in the new year. Harmony makes sense as a meaning for green since it reminds me of natural. Wearing it on the new year will bring you harmony with earth and nature in the new year.  You can also wear an army green in the new year. Here are … Read more

Wear Chocolate for Stability this NYE

New Year’s Eve is a rare occasion when wearing a specific color can guide the upcoming year. If you feel like you need some stability in your life in the next year, you can wear Chocolate for Stability this NYE. Chocolate brown looks awesome with gold. You can spice up a chocolate brown dress with … Read more

red dresses for new years

Red New Years Dresses

Are you looking for passion and love in the new year? You can wear a red new years dress. We have some awesome Red New Years Dresses to choose from. 

Wear White is for Peace in the New Year

White is the most popular color choice for New Year’s Eve in Brazil. If you search google images of Brazil New Years Eve, you will find a plethora of photo showing hundred of people on the beach in white on New Year’s Eve. In the Southern Hemisphere, New Year’s Eve is in the summer. I … Read more