Blue New Years Eve Dress

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Updated December 2019 

For this New Year’s Eve I am considering a blue New Years Eve dress in order to find tranquility and wealth in the new year. Each color has a lot of meaning for the new year and can help bring you health, wealth, peace, prosperity in the new year. Learn more about the color meanings here.

In years past, I have worn pink, which means affection and prosperity according the Brazilian color chart for New Years. Now that I have an abundance of affection in my life, through my hubby, Kevin and my daughter, I will no longer be wearing pink to watch the ball drop. If you want love and affection in the new year, check out these red dresses and these pink dresses

Blue New Years Eve Dress

There are a ton of color option for the big day, but I am on the hunt for a blue dress. Here are some of my favorite blue dresses from ASOS. They have 2 day shipping so you can shop pretty close to NYE. 

You can also continue to wear your Blue New Years Eve Dress all throughout the year as blue is a very versatile color. It goes great with a lot of different accessories. 

Meaning of Blue Dress for New Years Eve

Blue is a very meaningful color on New Year’s Eve. Blue is a very calming color since the sky is blue blue. If you are looking for calm and relaxation in the new year, you could choose a sky blue dress or a sea blue.  

Navy is also an awesome color choice for New Year’s Eve because it means intimacy. If you would like intimacy in the new year, navy is the best color for you. Here are some navy party dresses to check out. 

More New Year’s Eve Dress Ideas 

Here are more NYE dress ideas:


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