How to Pack a Lunch for Talk Like a Pirate Day

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My daughter has been going to daycare for quite some time now. It started out as part time and now is completely full time. At first, I was a complete crazy person cooking food for snacks and meals.

Now, I have gotten wise and learned how to pack a lunch like a pro and even start incorporating these fun national holidays into the lunches. One of my favorite days to celebrate with a special lunch is Talk Like a Pirate Day which is celebrated on 9/19. Of course, you can pack a pirate lunch and talk like a pirate any day of the year.


My daughter loves pirates and sword fighting. Some of her favorite cartoons even have characters and her favorite snack is Pirate’s Booty. The first time she asked for Pirate’s Booty by name my husband and I looked at each other and just started cracking up. It was just the cutest thing in the world and it was just so clear. Most of the time, we have to really try to understand what she is asking for and for this it was perfectly clear that my little daughter wants Pirate’s Booty. She is more than slightly obsessed with it.


As you can expect, any lunch that included Pirate’s Booty is a big hit with my daughter. My pirate love did not end with the Pirate’s Booty. We used the Pirate’s Booty glossary to actually talk like a pirate all day. I told my daughter’s teacher that I was doing it a few days early and she even got in on the fun on Talk like a Pirate Day.

My daughter’s school is very focused on healthy options and does not allow us to send sweets to school. I packed my daughter’s lunch with a hollowed out zucchini boat with turkey meat inside made into a pirate ship with toothpicks and cricit printed sails. You can put anything you want into a zucchini boat. This Sweet Potato Chili is a great choice. Also, I skewered some grapes on plastic swords for snacks. She loved her Talk Like a Pirate Day themed lunch and let me know by calling by saying Yo Ho Ho when she saw it!


Of course the packed lunch also included Pirate’s Booty because it is her favorite. Pirate’s Booty are baked, not fried with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are also gluten free. Pirate’s Booty is an easy choice for us.

Celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day this year with us on 9/19!

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  1. That sweet potato chili looks delicious! Love how health this lunch is- Pirates Booty is so tasty. Just enough cheese in every puff without being salty.


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