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This is a post was sponsored by The Bentonville Film Festival; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me to produce this post

The film Thao’s Library tugged at my heart strings more than any movie has in quite some time. It also sent me down a research project about Agent Orange and Vietnam. I love when movies and books peek my interest in a topic like this. I love diving head long into a good history lesson that I either forgot or was never taught.


It is no surprise to me that ‘Thao’s Library’ is a film that won at last year’s Bentonville Film Festival. Thao’s Library explores the complex relationship between two women from opposite sides of the planet. One Vietnamese, and ravaged by Agent Orange exposure; the other American, and drowning in depression after her sister’s unexpected death. United by a photo and a simple request, they forge an unlikely sisterhood, transcending language and culture. It is a beautiful story that uplifted my heart and brought me to tears.

Thao’s simple request is for more books for her library! “If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?” Thao replied, “Three hundred dollars, so I could buy more books.”


Bentonville Film Festival (BFF)


The Bentonville Film Festival was founded by Academy Award Winner® Geena Davis and festival co-founder Trevor Drinkwater in 2015. The Festival’s mission is to encourage content creation in film and other forms of media that reflects the diverse — and half female — world we live in.  BFF proactively supports content creation by minorities and women with a platform to showcase their work and, with the help of our partners, is the only film competition in the world to guarantee theatrical, television, digital and retail home entertainment distribution for its winners. The Festival takes place in early May in Bentonville, Arkansas and is research based and commercially driven.
The second annual Bentonville Film Festival will be held May 3-8, 2016 in partnership with founding Sponsor Walmart, presenting Sponsor Coca-Cola and distribution partners AMC Theatres and Lifetime. BFF is research based and commercially focused. BFF is not shame and blame, we use research to raise awareness as we believe if we expose unconscious bias it will change.
BFF accepts films into its competition having two or more of the following characteristics:  Female or Minority Lead, Female or Minority Director, Female or Minority Writer, Female or Minority Production Company, Gender and Diversity Balanced cast, and/or Gender and Diversity Balanced crew.
BFF guarantees full distribution to its winning films in the Best Narrative Jury Award, Best Family Film Award, and Audience Award categories.
You can find Thao’s Library at your local Walmart along with an amazing assortment of books that you can donate to your local charity just like we did.

Sharing is caring!

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