Brown to Blonde Hair – My Hair Story

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My hair story starts from a very dark place – almost black in fact! When I met my husband, I was going for the exotic look with the darkest brown I could find. As our relationship progressed, I went lighter and lighter with a small window of dark for my wedding.

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Here I am going lighter for a bit before I got married.

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Here is the color that I did just for wedding which is pretty close to what comes out of my head naturally!

After the wedding and having my daughter, I wanted to try out being blonde. I wore a wig for Halloween a few years back and realized then that I could pull it off. I started small with Ombré and loved results, but my hair was severely damaged in the process and had to cut it off and start over!

Ombre Hair from Salon Verde

When I started over, I decided to go gradually lighter and lighter and ended up going too light bleaching straight to the root giving me a look that was a little too over the top!

Karina-Ruby-Dress- Blonde-Long-Bob-1080 Monroe-and-Main-4717-2 Adora-Bags-9078New-Year’s-Eve-Dress-Ideas I think I’ve now found a happy place where the color is exactly what I want it to be. I now have a nice ashy color with a dark blonde root. It looks pretty and somewhat natural especially if you didn’t know where I started. 😛

Have you seen my attempt at grey hair? Check out when I tried out my Grey Hair here. Let me know what you think!

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Dove Hair makes me look at the future of cut, color, styling without fearing hair damage. I get to keep transforming my hair while using Dove Regenerative Nourishment Collection for perfectly nourished hair that’s 100% visibly damage free. Let’s get a woot woot!!


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