Threes! for iOS Review

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Hi everyone, Kevin here, April’s husband. Starting with this post I am going to be writing more often for the site, covering, but not limited to technology, film, television, games, and entertainment in general! So with that said, awaayyyyy we go!


Threes! is a simple game. This doesn’t mean it also isn’t maddening, addictive, fun, and filled with character. The game-play of Threes! is simple. Slide numbered white tiles around a four-by-four board to create multiples of three, with the goal of creating larger and larger number combinations. Below is a “trailer” that demonstrates the gameplay (warning spoilers! … kidding):


Simple, right? The rub is that with each swipe of the tiles, a new tile joins the mix! So unless you continue to match the tiles, the board will fill up, and it will be game over before you know it.


When the game is over, your score is tallied as you can see in the above image. The scores are increased in an exponential fashion. The basic formula is the number 3 to the power of N, with N being the number of times you have combined two tiles. So therefore 3 is 3, 6 (which is two tiles combined) is 9, and so forth. Honestly though, understanding the scoring doesn’t matter, as long as you keep one thing in mind: keep combining!

The designers of Threes! managed to pack a nice amount of character into the game as well. Each of the tiles has name, and if you play you’ll notice they also have a cute little face on the bottom. They make little noises and exclamations as they are combined and appear on the board. Additionally the heartwarming and rhythmic soundtrack pulls you into the small world of numbers they have created.

I highly recommend this game. It’s available for $1.99 on the iOS App Store right now (sorry Android users, currently there is no version of Threes! available for you.) If you have two dollars, and a thirst for addictive number based strategy games, then you couldn’t do much better than Threes!

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