Joovy HiLo Highchair Review

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Joovy HiLo Highchair Review

Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

It really is not fair how quickly babies grow up once they are out of your belly. It feels like just yesterday that I brought my little (not so little at 9 pounds 2 ounces) daughter home from the hospital. She is now ready to start eating real food and of course, with eating real food comes purchasing baby gear like highchairs, bowls, spoons, and bibs.

We started feeding my daughter solids at 6 months from the Joovy HiLo Highchair. Joovy is a American company that is  family-run business! How rare is that these days!?  All the Joovy designs are contemporary and functional.  The simplistic design of the HiLo Highchair does not make me feel like the baby has taken over my dining room as well as every other room in the house. It is amazingly functional as well.

Hi Lo Joovy Review

I have been searching for the right high chair for a while, but having the hardest time finding one that did not have places for food to hide. Babies can be extremely messy and I had no interest in washing a seat cushion in the washing machine. I went through that with my bouncer. Every time the bouncer got dirty, it was out of commission for several hours or sometime days. No thank you! The HiLo Highchair has an easy to clean surface of hard plastic that you basically hose down after every meal. I have wet wipes that I use after every meal to wipe it down. It is so much easier than dealing with a cushion that needs to be laundered or worse yet a cushion that has to be hand washed! (Handwashing! Ahhh!) The tray is also removable and dishwasher safe!

Hi Lo High Chair review Joovy.com written by mom blogger aprilgolightly.com

High Low Joovy.com Chair review written by mom blogger aprilgolightly.com

6 pounds to 6 years old HiLo high chair review written by mom #blogger aprilgolightly.com

Dishwasher safe highchair tray for baby and easy cleaning aprilgolightly.com

The Joovy HiLo highchair is good from 6 months to 6 years because it converts from an infant highchair to a toddler seat by flipping upside down. It is super easy to make the change, you just have to take the tray off and pull the silver circles and push the chair to flip it over. The toddler seat was hiding underneath the entire time. So cool! You just have to move the straps to the toddler seat so that your toddler does not fall out. They are clipped in and easy to remove.

HI LO contemporary high chair highchair

hi lo highchairs

Hi Lo easy to clean straps joovy.com

Of course, the entire highchair has no Phthalates, no BPA, no PVC  and no Lead. There is a 5 point harness that is extremely easy to use. Baby safety is priority number one for me!

HiLo Highchair by joovy.com Chair Joovy review written by mom blogger aprilgolightly.com

hi lo highchairs

Toddler Chair by Joovy.com HighChair review written by mom blogger aprilgolightly.com

Head over to www.Joovy.com to support this family run American Company and check out their contemporary and functional baby gear! Check out the Joovy HiLo Highchair color selection while you are there! I love the pink, orange, avocado, and the black highchairs! Whatever the color, there is one that will look great in your dining room!

Joovy Toddler Chair review written by mom blogger aprilgolightly.com

HiLo Joovy Highchair written by #momblogger aprilgolightly.com

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You can purchase the HiLo Highchair on Joovy.com (Retail Value $399.99)

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77 thoughts on “Joovy HiLo Highchair Review”

  1. LOVE the photos you included in this review! This high chair looks so much better than the one I have now! I am constantly finding food in the nooks and crannies. This one definitely solves that problem and it’s so stylish. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So glad I read this review. I didn’t realize how functional it is and lord knows I need things to be easy to clean, and easy to use!

  3. This is such an ingenious highchair because it can be converted and used for kids up to 6 years of age. I also like that it is easy to clean

  4. This isn’t my Favorite looking High chair, but I love the features of it! I like how it fits a large range of sizes and not just babies!

  5. Thank you for your review. I love that it is so easy to clean and that it converts from an infant highchair to a toddler seat.

  6. I love that this rolls right up and is at table height and simply genius that the toddler seat is there as well with a quick push of the buttons!! I have a space saver high chair right now and yes having to constantly wash the cover is a pain!!

  7. wow! That looks so easy to clean! I can’t stand my current high chair. It also seems to take up very little space. And the fact that it’s made without BPA is pretty rad also. I don’t like that color though.

  8. I love not having to wash a cushion every time it gets dirty…never understood why people would put something like that on their chairs anyway! It is nice just to “hose down” the chair and move on. I also love that it turns into a toddler highchair/booster!!

  9. I didn’t realize Joovy was family run which I love, and I like that this chair can be pulled right up to the table.

  10. Well having had so many grandchildren I can say it is a huge plus to keep this cleaned up. We have had so many with places that just wouldn’t get cleaned at all. I also love that this can be pulled right up to the table so the baby can sit with everyone else there

  11. I’m looking for a high chair now and I’m realizing that the easy to clean is pretty hard to find this is awesome and i love how it continues to grow with your child!

  12. i love how you provide pictures up close, and with the baby using the high chair! it really helps when looking into buying items!!! to see how they work and all the small details!

  13. I don’t like the design much of this one (which is interesting since most other Joovy products look great), but it looks functional, and easy to clean.

  14. LOVE this high chair! I am so sick of cleaning the cover on ours that we’ve had for 4 years, this looks so easy to clean being all plastic! I also love how it can act as a stand alone high chair or be lowered so baby can eat at the table with us. Thanks for the review!

  15. While this is definitely different. I am not a fan of the design at all. The hard plastic looks more industrial than homey.

  16. Love that the construction is compact enough to accommodate the space in your dining area. Also looks extremely sturdy.

  17. eh… not something I’d run out and buy… it looks too much like one of those cheap restaurant booster seats; not something I’d want in my home.

  18. I love how it grows with the child and the tray is dishwasher safe. Dont like the look, color or the hard plastic look.

  19. This looks so easy to wipe down and sized nicely for larger kids(I too brought home a few 10 pounders). Even more wonderful is that Joovy is a family owned American business, I had no idea.

  20. it’s not my style, but I appreciate that it’s easy to clean and converts to the toddler chair later.

  21. This highchair is a great idea, but the green plastic look is not going to go over well. Now, if it was wood!

  22. This is a cute highchair! I love that it’s adjustable in height, and looks super easy to clean up after a messy baby gets done chowing down!

  23. I love how it converts from a infant high chair to a toddler seat. That helps the parents and makes it so they don’t have to spend a lot of money.

  24. This design is also very neat and it looks very sturdy. The conversion function really impresses me. Thanks for the review!

  25. This is a very impressive looking highchair. I love that it’s so easy to clean and will fit my child for such a long period of time.

  26. I love the bright green color. So cheerful. What child and mother wouldn’t love this. I have a great granddaughter who could use this right now. Plus she’s having another baby. I hope to win!

  27. Very cool look and idea. I especially like the fact that there is no cover to wash every night. But for $400 I couldn’t even fathom spending so much on something. My sons portable high chair (that has no cover and is easily wiped down as well… And fits into our kitchen table chairs) only cost me $25. So not worth the price. Would absolutely adore abd use if it were given to me though! 😉

  28. I love that you can use this high chair up to 6 years of age. Definitely get you money’s worth with this chair. I also like the construction – all plastic. Like you said, easy to clean with no cushion to worry about.

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