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I discovered timeshel a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with this service. It is the perfect thing for a new mom that loves to take pictures of her perfect bundle of joy. I usually take them with my phone and live in constant fear that something will happen to these precious memories. timeshel is an app that allows you to add up to 30 pictures per month and print and send you real-life copies of these photos. Remember photos!? I put together this awesome DIY to fill up an empty boring wall with pictures of my family. Every month when a new set of pictures come in from timeshel, I switch them out.


timeshel DIY-5748

Tools & Supplies

4 Large Stainless Steel Skinny Magnetic Strips
Photographs printed from timeshel
White Picture Frames
2 White Mattes
Quote Printables – Download Below
Large Ruler
3 Large Sheets of Paper
2 Picture Hangers



This DIY is extremely easy and versatile. It’s perfect for that poor empty wall that is just sitting their lonely.

Start by signing up for timeshel where you submit photos through the app. timeshel is a subscription service and that there are two levels of subscription: 10 prints a month received in a nifty envelope for $5.95/month or 30 prints a month received in the shell for $14.95/month. It is only available for iOs in the Apple Store. This DIY project uses magnetic strips that allow you to easily switch out the photos as you receive them. If you choose 10 prints per month, you can keep adding them as you go.

DIY photo collage-5788

Next print out the cool printables that I made with quotes from Lilly Pulitzer and Dr. Seuss. The “Why Fit in When you were Born to Stand Out” quote and the Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style” quote.

DIY photo collage-5794



Free PrintableBeing-Happy-Never-Goes-out-of-Style

Download pdf quote here: Being Happy Never Goes out of Style

Why-fit-in-when-you-were-born-to-stand-outDownload pdf quote: Why fit in when you were born to stand out

Add the photos to the magnetic bars.

timeshel DIY-5750

Using large sheets of paper, cut out that shape of the magnetic bars with the photos hanging on them.

Put the bars and the picture frames on the floor to get the perfect set up. Measure the distance between the bars and the pictures frames. Make sure it isn’t too large for your wall and the spacing is even.

timeshel DIY-5748

Use a pencil to make a mark in the spot on the picture frames where you will need to put the picture hanger.

Using a ruler, pencil, masking tape, and the cutouts put them on the wall with your calculations from the floor layout. Mark off with soft pencil marks where your pieces will go. Put a dot where the picture hanger will go. You might need to put it up there because the picture hanger has a place where the nail goes in and a different spot where the picture actually hangs from.

DIY photo collage-5771

Take the cut out off the wall and sticky the bars to the wall and nail in the picture hangers.DIY photo collage-5778

Every month as you get a new timeshel, you can pull down the old photos and put up new ones. Put the old pictures in the timeshel case for safe keeping! Once you have a years worth of pictures, it is time to buy and family year in review album!

timeshel DIY-5751

Thanks to timeshel for supporting April Golightly and making this awesome service so I can fill up my wall with pictures of my family.

This room has been featured on Shutterfly as part of a roundup of 85 Creative Gallery Ideas. Thanks Shutterfly!

What do you think of my DIY? Is this something you would like to continue seeing from April Golightly?

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23 thoughts on “Photo Collage DIY with Free Printables”

  1. Wow, this turned out amazing! Love the idea of using the magnetic strips – that way you can easily swap out photos!

  2. I really need a picture printing service. I have so many pictures I have just not printed off. Years worth of pictures…

  3. This is one of those services that you see and go, duh?!? why didn’t someone think of this before. We have literally thousands of pictures of pictures on cameras and hard drives, this is a great way to get them without having to mess around.

  4. This is a great idea for a photo wall. I have the perfect spot in my house for it. I love using printables they are so fun and easy.

  5. I love this so much! The printables are great- and pairing them with the pics of your daughter… perfection! I only have n android… this is for apple onlY?


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