Tips on Packing Travel Accessories for Women

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As a fashionista who love clothes, shoes and tons of accessories, I find it tough not to take my entire closet on trips. But, after years of traveling and lugging heavy bags across walking cities like New York, I have learned to pack with a purpose and limit what I bring on trips.  Let’s get down to business! Here are a few of my tips and tricks for how to best organize and pack jewelry for travel. Also, let me know if you have anything to add, I would love to hear how YOU pack your jewelry when jet-setting!

Choose your Color Tones

Start by selecting your color tones strategically. If it is fall or winter, I like to start with a base of black and then decide which jewelry tone that I will bring. Lately, I have been a gold mood. The only thing that I have been wearing lately that is not yellow gold is my diamond ring. Wedding rings don’t have the match the rest of your jewelry.


Plan Your Outfits

The best way to maximize the accessorizing potential on your trip is to avoid overpacking. I know how much of a pain it is to plan all your outfits ahead of time, but it saves time and allows you to pack with precession.

Skip the Arm Party

Skip the arm party while on vacation and instead, opt for an easy to wear a large cuff that fits around your wrist comfortably.  Go with a solid color like gold or silver so that it goes with the rest of your jewelry.

travel-jewelry-1-of-1-2 travel-jewelry-1-of-1

Multiple Necklace Lengths

I would try to limit the number of statement necklaces you bring. Choose a couple of statement necklaces that go with your planned outfits. You should only take a necklace if you can wear it with 2 or more outfits. You can also choose something neutral like one of these long gold necklaces that can go with almost anything. The best thing to do when selecting a necklace is to avoid anything too expensive or too delicate.


Swap Out Your Rings

Swap out your wedding ring for a look a like so that you don’t have to worry about loosing it while you are traveling. I put my ring in the vault when I go on vacation so that I know it is safe. You can find this diamond ring and other awesome options.

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-4-27-53-pm diamond-rings

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