Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

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Tissue Paper Christmas Trees 
I met up with my new craft helper and fellow mommy fashionista Mo again this week. We put together these cute tissue paper Christmas trees to start our holiday decor with our toddlers in mind. You can’t break it if it is made out of paper and we won’t cry if it rips since it barely costs a dollar to make.
Easy Toddler Christmas Craft with Tissue Paper
This is a great project to work on with bigger kids that know how to use stick glue. All you need to do it cut out the tissue paper and make the cones beforehand. Also, the pencil can be un-sharpened.
Tools and Supplies
 Tissue Paper Christmas Tree-9886-2

Start with a newspaper and make it into a cone shape. Have a piece of tape ready to hold it together. Cute off the bottom of the cone so that the stands flat. You might have to cut the cone off a little at the bottom to have it stand up straight.

Newspaper Christmas Tree-9864-2 Newspaper Christmas Tree-9865-2 Newspaper Christmas Tree-9866-2

Next, cut up pieces of tissue paper into 1-inch squares.
 Holday Tissue Paper DIY-9873-2
Place each square onto the back of the pencil. Rub the end into the glue stick and push it lightly onto the cone.


Holday Tissue Paper DIY Pencil-9875Holday Tissue Paper DIY Pencil-9877Holday Glue Stick DIY-9879
You will scatter the pieces tightly or loosely depending on full you want the tree to look. We spaced them out on the colorful tree and fluffed it up.
 Holiday Tree DIY-9881-2Tissue Paper Christmas Tree-9886-2
Star on Top of Tissue Paper Christmas Trees 
Felt Star DIY -9899-2
Tools and Supplies
Green felt
White felt
Lolly pop
If you are feeling ambitious, you can add a star to the top. We cut out two small stars in white felt and two a little larger stars in green felt and glued them together to a lolly pop stick from a baking project I did a few weeks ago with Oreos. We dropped the lolly pop through the top of the cone and glue in place.


What do you think of the Tissue Paper Christmas trees?

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2 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Christmas Trees”

  1. My boys are excited to make this Christmas tree, the 7 yr. old smiled and said it looks “BOOTIFUL”! Thank you so much for all you do!


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