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This post brought to you by Tom’s of Maine. The content and opinions expressed below are that of April Golightly.

Earth Day is one of those holidays that should be longer than a day. The Earth gives us so much, and we only give it a day. We should give it a month! It is the least we could do! Even though Earth Day has passed, I would like to give the Earth some homage beyond just that day.

I love finding products that are good for the Earth and also good for my family and me. Did you know that Tom’s of Maine® proudly introduced a new product line only at Target? It is called the Made to Matter collection. All products are free of artificial dyes, fragrances, flavors and preservatives, and are never tested on animals. Beyond natural personal care products, Tom’s of Maine has been caring for communities, and the planet as a whole, for over 45 years.

Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is one of the first social conscience products that I can remember buying. It was in college when I started buying my own toothpaste and toiletries when I discovered their fantastic philosophy.

Tom’s of Maine Philosophy

“At Tom’s of Maine, we’ve always believed that our goals should include more than just making a profit. We have also worked to operate in a sustainable manner and to be a positive force for good in the communities where we operate. Our philosophical Reason for Being inspires our strategy; our Stewardship Model is a practical tool which guides our decision-making on what belongs in our products, and our Goodness Goals set the path for continuous improvement. We are proud to operate our business in this manner – our employees are passionate about making good products, caring for the planet and supporting communities – and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Tom’s of Maine Made to Matter Collection

Luminous White Toothpaste: Their most advanced natural whitening toothpaste that is safe for enamel, and is gluten and paraben free.

Wicked Cool! Deodorant: Their 1st natural deodorant made just for boys and girls, providing 24-hour odor protection and free of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

North Woods Men’s Antiperspirant: Their first natural antiperspirant made for men that provides all day odor and wetness protection without petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, or irritation.

You know how much I love Target. I love to snap chat while I am there because there are so many cool things to see! The Made to Matter collection is only available at Target! You can get a deal on the products mentioned with this cartwheel offer

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