Treat Your Dog Like a King! Enter to win a Brentwood Home Pet Bundle!

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Our dog, Harrison Ford, has been a part of our lives since my husband and I first started dating! And although he just turned seven years old, we still think of him as the little puppy that I brought home one day in December. Harrison is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and with a breed like that, you have to treat them like little kings! He sleeps in our bed and we only feed him the finest dog foods (okay and sometimes people foods too.)

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Treating Your Dog Like a King

Other ways we treat our dog like a king? Frequent petting, comfy blankets and bedding, and walks around the lake. However, His bed has gotten a little run down we’ve noticed recently. Not that it stopped him from using it but we also have to keep the household aesthetic in mind. We tossed out the old one and got a new bed for him from Brentwood Home! We got our pup a Runyon Deluxe Pet Bed and he’s been loving it! The bed is just the right size and comes in nice muted colors that look classy when placed anywhere in the home. Harrison took right to it and has been sitting in it comfortably ever since! Even our daughter has decided that it looks like a comfy place for a rest.

The Runton Deluxe Pet Bed from Brentwood Home

The Runyon Deluxe Pet Bed uses CertiPUR-US foam. This mean that is has  no chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, or phthalates. The bed also has a removable cover so that it can be easily washed. The cover itself is also waterproof, so you really don’t have to worry too much about accidents.

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Brentwood Home Pet Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Pets Bundle!

Today I’m pleased to announce that I am giving away a Brentwood Home Pets Bundle, which includes the Runyon Deluxe Pet Bed. This bundle is valued at $200! To enter the contest, simply use the contest application embedded below and you may be eligible to win a Runyon Deluxe Pet Bed from Brentwood Home! This is a pet bed that Harrison definitely stands behind! Or sits on, to be accurate.


Pet Bed Bundle

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6 thoughts on “Treat Your Dog Like a King! Enter to win a Brentwood Home Pet Bundle!”

  1. My Beloved 🐾 Doxies would be in 7th heaven‼️ My girls and I would be SOO VERY Greatful! (OK, maybe me, a tiny more, bc between the bed & their other items.. Id be finished w their X-mas shopping‼️)
    🐾Dana M~MO

  2. Just came back upon this article again,,,,did anyone ever win? Never heard anymore more about it! (I know it’s been years, but still!)


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