Unscripted Beauty

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Hi there! Mr. Golightly here. I love photography. Really, I like staging the perfect shot. Adding light, using the flash, and finding the perfect pose for the subject. The subject is usually my wife (Ms. April Golightly) or my daughter Mini Golightly. But in all honesty, one thing I’ve found most is that the most beautiful moments and photos in my life have been of unscripted moments. The moments when the lighting is not perfectly set up. I cannot help, but love and capture those amazing unscripted moments as well.

In fact we have an entire wall in our bathroom filled with unscripted photos. Mostly of our beautiful daughter, but still, we’ve found that these moments are really the ones that we love the most. In the photo above our daughter (#MiniGolightly) was trying every chair she could find at our local Ikea until she found one that she liked. It was so adorable to see her weigh the comfort of each chair! She also tried out the boxes as chairs.  There was a survey recently conducted by AVEENO that found that the unscripted moments end up being the ones that parents prefer over the perfectly staged moments.

Here is our daughter playing with one of her many hats. Ever since my wife started wearing hats, my daughter started wearing them as well. It is so cute that she wants to be just like mommy. She does it with hats and sunglasses which I cannot complain about, but I can complain about her trying to put on makeup already. Mini Golightly likes to sit at Mommy’s vanity and put on all kids of makeup. Can we slow this growing up thing down?!!! 

#UnscriptedBeauty  Contest

To this end AVEENO wants to create a movement. An #UnscriptedBeauty Movement that embraces the fun and excitement of moments that don’t always go as planned. AVEENO is hosting a contest for their #UnscriptedBeauty moment! Here are the contest rules:

  • Capture photos of the authentic Unscripted Beauty in your life throughout June.
  • Post your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using #AVEENO, #UnscriptedBeauty, and #Contest.
  • For Facebook posts, tag @Aveeno.
  • Keep celebrating life’s Unscripted Beauty!
  • One winner will be selected in July to receive a photo-shoot from acclaimed photographer, Danielle Guenther, as well as AVEENO products!

Aveeno-Baby Baby-Shower-Gift-Ideas IMG_9475

So cool, right? Make sure to keep your phone ready, and keep an eye out for the unscripted moments in life that really capture your heart and imagination. Now that I have shared my Unscripted Moments, I cannot wait to see all your unscripted photos with the hashtag #UnscriptedBeauty on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! Good luck!!

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