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Last month, XFINITY released something totally new and incredibly awesome! I know you are ready to start talking to your remote! I would like to introduce the new Voice Remote. It is part of the X1 Entertainment Operating System. It allows users to search through tens of thousands of shows and movies by simply talking into the remote. Yes, your dream has come true!!

facebook-voiceremoteConvenience is the name of the game – just say it, then see it. Press the voice button then say whatever you’d like X1 to help you with. You can use it to change channels, find shows, get recommendations, launch apps and more.


You can search by actor, channel, sports team and more! You don’t need special commands either. You just speak to the voice remote in plain English. You can even ask it what you should watch or to show you more like your favorite shows!

The new Voice Remote has a backlit keyboard and an aim-anywhere control. You can use it even in the dark.


The voice remote is another example of XFINITY’s commitment to accessibility for all. By giving the options to simply say, “Turn on Closed Captioning” or to use voice guidance, everyone can find his or her favorite shows and movies.


The remote even has some fun “hidden” features…it recognizes hundreds of popular movie quotes! For example, if you tell your voice remote, “If you build it, he will come,” it will find the movie Field of Dreams. Rumor has it that you can even find Frozen by singing along with some of its hits…Let it Go, anyone? See which ones you can find and let me know!

How cool would it be if your favorite celeb responded back when you searched for their content? Yep – the XFINITY Voice Remote can do that too! Try searching for “Taylor Swift 22” and see what she responds. You can find more hacks and cool features of the Voice Remote here.

Now, you can also interact with the Minions. We have been using commands like “Banana” to get food shows and “Booyah” to get action content. So much fun!!





You can get your own Voice Remote!! It is available to anyone with the X1 Entertainment Operating System from XFINITY. New customers will get the remote during their installation and existing ones can either pick one up at an XFINITY store or order online using the form here. To get yours shipped out today – it’s free, just pay S+H!

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39 thoughts on “Xfinity Voice Remote + Giveaway”

  1. I just love that it is voice controlled and of course the hidden commands like recognizing movie quotes is very cool too!

  2. I like the “aim anywhere” feature where you can point your remote anywhere to control your TV and the “voice control” to change channels or find shows,

  3. I like the Say It and See It feature: Pressing the Voice button then telling the XFINITY voice remote to change channels, is great

  4. My favorite feature is that our favorite celeb will respond back when we search for their content! Thanks, Kim Reid

  5. There are so many cool features! I love that it even recognizes quotes from movies, which is great for me because I sometimes forget Movie Titles! I already have the X1 and not the remote, so I ordered mine! Thanks so much for the info!


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